Twitter Feeds Every Nurse Should Follow

Networking and keeping up with rapid developments is becoming more important in every industry,including the quickly growing and changing field of nursing. Many nurses and professional nursing organizations have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on new practices, legal issues, and medical innovation. The stream of new info on everything nursing-related is an amazing resource for students or nurses just starting out their careers. Participating in the online conversation about nursing is a great way for new nurses to meet new people and learn about new concepts in their field. Every nurse could benefit from checking out these great Twitter feeds that are regularly updated with fresh info at the cutting edge of nursing.

Nurse Education & Academics

As the need for new nurses increases, new nurse education programs are always popping up, and these feeds have the latest updates on current nursing education practices.

  1. @AAN_Nursing


    The American Academy of Nursing uses their Twitter account to inform others on evolving healthcare policies and practice through the knowledge of nursing. Tweets profile nurses, news, and upcoming conferences.

  2. @AmJNurs


    The American Journal of Nursing is a trusted source in nursing information and tweets journal and news articles that deal with Nursing.

  3. @MedSurgNurses


    The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses analyzes different subjects and tweets journal articles to give medical-surgical nurses the tools to succeed.

  4. @MonaShattell


    Mona Shattell is a nurse who is also a professor and researcher interested in mental health and psychiatric acute care, along with patient provider relationships, and psychosis. Her tweets put the spotlight on different articles on nursing.

  5. @faunursing


    Florida Atlantic University’s College of Nursing tweets on different nursing opportunities, nursing advice, and great resources for nursing students who want to become more involved or work in a specialty field.

  6. @PennNursing


    Penn Nursing is the official twitter account for the University of Pennsylvania and their tweets analyze breakthroughs in nursing and articles on health-related subjects.

  7. @KaplanNCLEX


    Kaplan NCLEX focuses their content on providing nursing students with advice and resources for passing the NCLEX.

  8. @yalenurse


    Yale Nursing is the official Twitter account for the Yale University School of Nursing and informs followers of happenings relevant to nursing in the area, along with outreach events across the country.

  9. @macnursing

    macnursing macmaster university

    The official Twitter feed for McMaster University’s School of Nursing tweets information on events at the school for nurses and is a great tool for students who want to be more involved.

  10. @theIOM

    The IOM

    The Institute of Medicine is nationally recognized for quality educational information in the healthcare field. They provide information on job opportunities, workshops, and webcasts of conferences.

  11. @ruthft1


    Ruth Taylor is a Professor of Nursing and a Deputy Dean in Essex, England. Her tweets are a compilation of nursing resources that provide insight from around the world on contemporary nursing issues.

  12. @MedEdInc

    Med Ed inc

    Med-Ed is a nursing education company that focuses on hosting seminars and educational conferences. Their tweets keep nurses up-to-date on the latest seminars around the country.

  13. @LonghornNursing

    Longhorn Nursing

    Longhorn Nursing is the official Twitter feed of the University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing. Tweets keep students and the public informed on upcoming events and useful conferences and speeches held at the University of Texas.

  14. @Christel_Anders

    Christel Anderson

    Christel Anders is the Director of Clinical Information at HIMSS, an organization focused on improving health standards through information technology. Christel’s tweets highlight different events and informational sessions at HIMSS.

  15. @NursingEcon

    Nursing Economics

    Nursing Economics provides information on the best practices in healthcare management, policy, and economics. They tweet informative articles about healthcare and understanding the advancements in the industry right now.

  16. @cityalan


    Alan Simpson is a Professor of Collaborative Mental Health at City University in London. His tweets are compiled of people and information from around the web, with a strong focus on healthcare content.

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Nursing & Health

While many of the best Twitter feeds for nurses are updated by nurses themselves, there are plenty of health and medicine-related feeds operated by other medical professionals or even teams of people that are still great resources for nurses.

  1. @AANP_News

    AANP News

    The official Twitter for the American Association of Nurse Practitioners keeps others informed on the latest news in the Nurse Practitioner community through tweets discussing the role of nurses and how to be a more effective Nurse Practitioner.

  2. @GWH_NHS

    GWH_NHS Great Western Hospital

    The Great Western Hospital is a health services provider in the middle of England. The twitter account typically highlights awards the hospital receives, news, and ways to help the community around it.

  3. @UMichNursing


    UM School of Nursing twitter feed keeps students up to date on nursing contact hours available, information on different conferences and forums, and helps educate prospective nurses and doctors on issues.

  4. @KPNewscenter


    Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading healthcare providers in America and tweets revolve around how to solve issues in the healthcare community and other business elements concerning healthcare.

  5. @IndyNurseMag


    Independent Nurse’s twitter account looks at British news headlines that detail the health industry, along with up-to-date information on the primary care community.

  6. @AnnNursingTimes


    Ann Shuttleworth is the Practice and Learning Editor of Nursing Times, based in London. The tweets typically cover the state of British healthcare and tweets from those commenting on it.

  7. @WeNurses


    WeNurses functions as a tool for nurses to meet and discuss issues in the nursing culture within the United Kingdom.

  8. @NurseEducator


    Teresa Heithaus runs the Nurse Educator twitter and gives advice for being a better nurse, complete with links and pictures.

  9. @springhillcare


    Springhill Care is run by Ken Nolan, Founder and Chairman, who uses the twitter feed to highlight health-related news and pertinent information.

  10. @InspireNetBC


    Inspire Net is based in British Columbia and is a health services research network. The tweets inform on health issues and also upcoming conferences in Canada.

  11. @AACNme


    The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses uses their twitter account to provide nurses in the critical care field with plenty of information and helpful tips.

  12. @Nurse_com

    nurse_com is a resource for nursing news, job opportunities, and how to forward an education in nursing. Their twitter posts news and developments in the nursing world.

  13. @NursesJobLinks


    Nurses Job Links connects nurses looking for work with the resources to secure a job and improve their careers. They often tweet about new job opportunities around the United Kingdom.

  14. @GdnHealthcare


    Guardian Healthcare is a UK based group that helps provide insight and guidance to NHS professionals across the world.

  15. @UnsaAepsi


    The Undergraduate Nursing Student Association is based in Ottawa, Canada and helps give nurses the tools they need while still in school for preparation to work in the field.

  16. @podmedic


    Jamie Davis is the host of MEdicCast and Nursing Show and uses his twitter to post tips to medics and nurses, along with news and useful information.

  17. @MedscapeNurses


    Medscape Nurses provides breaking medical news, drug look-up, along with disease information. The twitter feed typically highlights articles breaking down different medical news.

  18. @OncologyNursing


    Oncology Nursing is a community of over 35,000 nurses involved in cancer care. The tweets look at different developments in nursing in real-time.

  19. @InformedNurse


    Informed Nurse is the official twitter of Nursing Essentials, and helps nurses stay up to date with great knowledge, resources and tips for nurses.

  20. @safeincommon


    Safe in Common is a movement aimed at workplace safety concerning needle-stick injury. The posts highlight safety tips and good reads for nurses.

  21. @tyNurses


    Thank You, Nurses is a twitter account that pays homage to the nurses in each community and retweets people praising nurses. They also provide news on the nursing world with up-to-date information.

  22. @aorn


    AORN gives OR professionals resources for bettering their education, and clinical practice resources.

  23. @NurseGroups


    Nurse Groups is a social career resource for nurses and highlights useful health news.

  24. @EBSCO_Nursing


    EBSCO Nursing gives nurses and clinical practitioners resources for the most effective performance in the nursing community.

  25. @SusanNiemeierRN


    Susan Niemeier tweets helpful resources for nurses and innovative nursing breakthroughs that dominate the news.

  26. @nursesquare


    Nurse Square is a daily news source that gives articles on the top nursing developments of the day.

  27. @RNdotcom

    RNdotcom gives up-to-date nursing info and clinical news on nursing developments online. They give in-depth analysis on issues from sources around the internet.

  28. @notimetoteach


    No Time To Teach is run in conjunction with and the book of the same name won AJN Book of the Year. Author Fran London uses the Twitter feed to promote the book and highlight healthcare news.

  29. @AlegentHealth


    Alegent Creighton Health is a non-profit faith-based healthcare system based in the Nebraska and Southwestern Iowa area. The Twitter account provides forums and news on healthcare topics.

  30. @nursingtimesed

    Nursingtimesed jenni middleton

    Jenni Middleton is the Editor of Nursing Times at emap and tweets typically consist of her engaging in conversations with others and retweeting informative healthcare tweets.

  31. @CleverKibitzer

    Clever Kibitzer

    Kathi Browne is the founder of Healthcare Talk and Host of Health Care Hangouts, two sources for nurses to gain a wider base of information. Her tweets look at different health-related articles and provide commentary.

  32. @NurseTogether


    Nurse Together posts inspirational tweets, articles with motivating advice for nurses, and job opportunities around the country for nurses.

  33. @CDCgov


    The Center for Disease Control Twitter account informs the public on the spread of various diseases and ailments and also how to cope with different illnesses and situations.

  34. @nytimeshealth


    The New York Times Health Twitter is a constant stream of all the articles from the Health section of The New York Times. They break down countless issues for further elaboration on their site.

  35. @CDCflu


    The Center for disease Control – Flu Twitter account is focused solely on quality information about the current state of the Flu cross the world and the country as well.

  36. @cnnhealth


    The official CNN Health Twitter feed provides a constant stream of articles from CNN’s website, along with text versions of some of the stories discussed on television.

  37. @jclinnursing

    Journal of Clinical Nursing

    The Journal of Clinical Nursing publishes journal articles about the state of nursing and different hypothesis’s as they come about.

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Nursing Professionals

Who knows more about nursing than those currently working as nurses? These tweets come straight from the beating heart of the nursing field.

  1. @debraejackson


    Debra Jackson is the editor of J Clinical Nursing and tweets about health-related news and nursing information about the workplace.

  2. @AmerPsychNurses

    AmerPsychNurses APNA

    American Psychiatric Nurses Association tweets on a variety of themes centered on psychiatric health and resources for nurses who work in the field.

  3. @kchoma

    kchoma kim choma

    Kim Choma is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner who also lectures at Rutgers University. Her tweets deal with an array of health-related news and nursing e-Learning information.

  4. @unacuhcp

    unacuhcp nurses and health pros

    The United Nurses Associations of California and Union of Health Care Professionals is a Southern California-based union that tweets about health care news and nursing labor issues.

  5. @pattyKS057


    Patricia Schmehl is a nursing educator and runs She keeps her focus on advancing nursing education and helping nursing students.

  6. @calebferg


    Caleb Ferguson is a PhD Candidate who advocates for healthcare education. He’s also a lecturer and frequently tweets on breakthroughs in nursing education.

  7. @jrobinsonRN


    Jennifer Robinson is an RN who tweets regularly on medical news and also litigation support for medical related legal cases.

  8. @onlinenursing

    onlinenursing terrischmitt

    Terri Schmitt runs Online Nursing, as well as and tweets about nursing to equip other nurses with valuable tips and connect with others via social networks.

  9. @lsilverwoman

    lsilverwoman Lauren silverman

    Lauren Silverman works for NPR as a reporter on subjects concerning Health, Science, and Technology. Her posts cover a range of areas, but many are health-related or focused on current issues.

  10. @GodfreyKathryn


    Kathryn Godfrey is the Practice and Learning Editor for Nursing Times. As a former nurse, her posts are very useful for current nurses and provide a wealth of good information.

  11. @jurexnurse

    JurexNurse elizabeth rudolph

    Elizabeth Rudolph runs, a resource for Professional Legal Nurse Consultants that also offers 2-day certification as a nurse expert witness.

  12. @Ashleigh_RN


    Ashleigh Clarke is an Oncology Nurse who tweets on the effectiveness of social media in the healthcare setting.

  13. @ONSmark


    ONSmark is run by Mark Vrabel and the tweets look at effective practices of nurses and nursing legislation in the government.

  14. @NationalNurses


    National Nurses United is the largest RN union in the United States, with over 165,000 nurses worldwide. The posts highlight mistreatment of nurses and labor issues.

  15. @BGlickstein


    Barbara Glickstein is a Health Reporter and Public Health Nurse based in New York City. She also produces Healthstyles on and is the Co-Director for Health, Media, & Policy at Hunter College. Her tweets provide insight for the health community.

  16. @jparadisirn


    Julianna Paradisi is an Oncology Nurse who tweets news on cancer care and advice for nurses who work in the field.

  17. @pamressler


    Pam Ressler works in the healthcare field and is also an educator, author, and runs Her tweets deal with developments in the healthcare industry.

  18. @theyoganurse


    The Yoga Nurse is run by an RN who aims to give nurses refreshing education opportunities while reducing the stress in their lives.

  19. @asthehosptuRNs

    asthehospturns Lisa

    Asthehospturns is run by an RN Manager whose tweets show a more playful side to the life as a nurse.

  20. @HealthIsSocial


    Health is Social is run by Phil Baumann, an RN working in Phildeplphia. His tweets explore the technological side of nursing and how the implementation of these practices can improve healthcare for nurses and patients.

  21. @DonnaCardilloRN


    Donna Cardillo is an RN and has a section featured on, along with being a blogger on a few other nursing sites. Her tweets are full of great articles and resources for nurses.

  22. @nursingideas


    Nursing Ideas publishes tweets from other nursing sites to make a fantastic compilation of ideas and concepts for nurses.

  23. @dwylieinstitute


    Julia Scott runs the Dorothy Wylie Nursing & Health Leaders Institute and tweets leadership advice for managing healthcare facilities, along with news.

  24. @JenChaikinRN


    Jennifer Chaikin is the Executive Director in healthcare education and writes for She tweets advice for nurses and articles on innovations in nursing.

  25. @DrSalliePNP


    Sallie Porter is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and tweets about healthcare-centered content from across the world.

  26. @mimisecor


    Mimi Secor is a Nurse Practitioner based in Los Angeles. The content of her tweets are very enjoyable, providing plenty of information on various healthcare subjects.

  27. @JoyceHarrellRN

    JoyceHarrell RN

    Joyce Harrell is an RN based in North Carolina who tweets about becoming a better nurse, along with good supplementary new articles.

  28. @angelabrooks


    Angela Brooks is the author of The Nurses Voice and tweets any article nursing related on her fast-moving feed.

  29. @markgregorio_NP


    Mark Gregorio is currently in school to become a Doctor of Nursing Practice. Based in New Haven, Connecticut, his tweets consist of him corresponding with other nurses and posting nursing info he finds interesting.

  30. @MISSFNP


    Miss FNP uses her Twitter to give up-to-date information on what it’s like to be a Nurse Practitioner and also tweets a plethora of health-related articles.

  31. @LWEnterprise

    LWEnterprise Johnetta Miner

    Johnetta Miner is based in New York City as a Nurse Practitioner and provides great health advice.

  32. @LeAnnThieman


    LeAnn Thieman is the Co-Author of the Chicken Soup for the Nures’s Soul books and her tweets provide statistics, stories, and news articles about nurses.

  33. @AnneMarieBatten


    Anne Marie Batten provides crisis outreach support in Toronto and frequently tweets on how to handle different crises.

  34. @RTConnections

    RTConnections Renee Thompson

    Renee Thompson is the author of the book, Do No Harm Applies to Nurses Too! The book is aimed at eliminating nurse bullying and cultivating better work environments for nurses.

  35. @BarbaraPhillips


    Barabara Phillips is a Nurse Practitioner and tweets articles about different issues in the healthcare community. Her tweets provide commentary and insight into a number of issues.

  36. @TheNerdyNurse


    Brittney Wilson runs The Nerdy Nurse, a website that advocates for development of technology in the workplace for nurses and doctors. Her tweets are typically from the healthcare and technology communities, as they comment on integrating technology into health.

  37. @DonnaPetko

    DonnaPetko RN

    Gonna Petko is the Clinical Director of a home health agency. Her tweets are all centered on healthcare and different challenges nurses typically face.

  38. @nursefriendly

    nursefriendly Andrew Lopez

    Nurse Friendly is run by Andrew Lopez, an RN who uses this Twitter feed to publish healthcare resources he has reviewed and approved. The result is a compilation of great material for nurses.

  39. @nerdnurse


    NerdNurse is the Twitter persona of Carole Eldridge, a Doctor of Nursing Practice and nurse educator who posts regular updates about medical treatments and news.

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Nursing Employment

While nurse employment is high and getting higher, it still isn’t easy to find a desirable nursing job in many locations, but these Twitter feeds have great info on nursing job boards, job hunting tactics, and general nursing career-search advice.

  1. @NurseZone


    Nurse Zone tweets different tools for nurses, providing general overviews and specific analysis of subjects.

  2. @ValleyHealthRNs


    Valley Health is based in Winchester, Virginia and posts new jobs for nurses for Valley Health.

  3. @DR_Healthcare

    DR_Healthcare beth donaldson

    Dr. Healthcare works for Direct Healthcare and works on outreach to young nurses looking for experience on a variety of areas. She handles recruitment in conjunction with

  4. @JNJNursingNotes


    Johnson & Johnson Nursing Notes is a Twitter feed run in conjunction with their campaign for Nursing Future, a national initiative started in 2002. The tweets inform followers of upcoming conferences and news in the nursing field.

  5. @NurseRounds

    NurseRounds com

    Nurse Rounds is a social network for nurses that maintains professionalism while giving contemporary news on nurses and developments in the field.

  6. @StaffNurseJob


    Staff Nursing Jobs is a constant stream of new nursing jobs that is meant to supplement their website, which has a searchable index of over 50,000 current nursing job opening around the world.

  7. @HSSAust

    HSSAust Health Staff Solutions

    Health Staff Solutions is a tool for making sure different medical centers have the staff they need to operate and tweet informative articles about healthcare in Australia.

  8. @first4nurses


    First 4 Nurses helps place nurses into new jobs and equip them with the tools to succeed. Tweets typically look at different commentaries on the healthcare industry.

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