Best of 2012: Nurse Practitioner Round-Up

A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered Nurse (APRN) who has completed graduate-level education. They can serve as a patient’s primary health care provider or work under a doctor, treating patients of all ages depending on their specialty. Besides providing healthcare services, nurse practitioners can opt to take a different path. Some start their own company, open their own practice, write a book, author a website, or go on a speaking tour.

Online Nurse Practitioner has produced an inaugural round-up of notable professionals in the advanced practice nursing field. The list, entitled, 100 Best of 2012: Nurse Practitioner Round-Up, looks at nurse practitioners in five categories: nurse entrepreneurs, private practice owners, bloggers, nursing student resources, and professional nursing resources. You can easily navigate this list by clicking on the section you wish to visit at the top of the page. Please note, the round-up is not presented in order of rank.

Private Practices

There are many nurse practitioners who go into business for themselves and start their own private practice. Private practices provide patients a more individualized consultation and solution, while also developing a more personal relationship.Below you will find various private practices that are owned and operated by nurse practitioners.

  1. Mobile Health Appraisal Services

    Mobile Health Appraisal Services has been providing a variety of physical examinations and medical tests for fire departments, emergency responders, industries, and insurance companies in Central New York since 1991.

    • Specialty: Mobile Healthcare
  2. Metro Medical Direct

    Founder of Metro Medical Direct, Raymond Zakhari’s company takes the hassle out of going to the doctor, by bringing the doctor’s office to you.

    • Specialty: Home healthcare visits
  3. Integrative Healthcare

    Integrative Healthcare is a clinic that offers traditional and primary medical services, but also provide other options and alternatives when it comes to health and healing.

    • Specialty: Primary Care, offering alternatives
  4. Evergreen Clinic

    Evergreen Clinic offers primary and urgent medical care for individuals and families.

    • Specialty: Family Nurse Practitioners
  5. Shirley Medical Family Healthcare

    Shirley Medical Family Healthcare is a not-for-profit that provides health and wellness resources for family medical care.

    • Specialty: Private Health Care
  6. Seasons

    Seasons offer patients a more natural and holistic approach to healthcare along with cutting edge advancements in traditional medicine.

    • Specialty: Holistic health and wellness
  7. Aspen Family Medical Group of Modesto Inc.

    Aspen Family Medical Group is a full service family practice that serves patients of all ages.

    • Specialty: Family Practice
  8. Sage Medical Group

    Sage Medical Group is an independent medical group that provides cost-effective medical care in a personalized environment.

    • Specialty: Internal Medicine
  9. Bay Area Quick Care

    Bay Area Quick Care treat patients ages three and above who have minor illnesses and injuries.

    • Specialty: Urgent Care
  10. A Woman’s Place

    A Woman’s Place specializes in the healthcare needs for women of all ages.

    • Specialty: Women Health Care
  11. JOVE Medical Integrative Medicine

    JOVE Medical provides integrative medicine while promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness.

    • Specialty: Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
  12. Laconia Women’s Health Center

    Laconia Women’s Health Center provides individual attention and primary health care for women.

    • Specialty: Women’s Health
  13. Grace Grymes Chapman, ARNP

    Grace Grymes Chapman offers primary health care to families of all ages.

    • Specialty: Family Health Care
  14. The People’s Clinic

    The People’s Clinic can assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe medicine for many common illnesses.

    • Specialty: Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Health Education, Counseling
  15. New Beginnings Healthcare for Women

    New Beginnings Healthcare for Women provides healthcare services for women with an emphasis on caring for the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.

    • Specialty: Women’s Healthcare
  16. Newsome Healthcare

    Newsome Healthcare is a family medical clinic that focuses on health promotion.

    • Specialty: Family Medicine
  17. Travel Health of NH

    Travel Health of NH provides healthcare services for individuals and groups who travel often and are in need of vaccinations and primary care.

    • Specialty: Health and Wellness for Travelers
  18. Yanceyville Primary Care

    Yanceyville Primary Care provides primary care services for people of all ages also including pediatrics and Gyn care.

    • Specialty: Primary Care
  19. Lynn McClellan Behavioral Health Services

    Lynn McClellan Behavioral Health Services provides child, adolescent and adult behavioral health and psychiatric services.

    • Specialty: Behavioral Health
  20. Healthy Bladder Solutions

    Healthy Bladder Solutions provides a holistic approach to bladder health.

    • Specialty: Bladder Health
  21. Gericalls

    Gericalls provides in home medical care to the elderly or any adult over the age of 35.

    • Specialty: Geriatrics
  22. Hands On Medicine

    Hands On Medicine provides services in health and wellness through nurturing the mind, body, and spirit within each patient.

    • Specialty: Holistic Family Healthcare
  23. Nurses & Company, Inc

    Nurses & Company provide services in private, home health, and hospice.

    • Specialty: Home Health Care
  24. Anderson Family Healthcare

    Anderson Family Healthcare provides services in primary and acute healthcare for people of all ages.

    • Specialty: Family Healthcare

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Blogs Authored by Nurse Practitioners and Nurses

The Internet provides so many helpful resources for nurse practitioners to explore. Many nurse practitioners turn to creating and maintaining their own blogs in order to vent, educate, discuss, review, and swap ideas with other fellow nurses or individuals in the healthcare field. Below you will find numerous blogs authored by nurses and nurse practitioners.

  1. is a blog that shares information on correctional nursing which focuses on the care for incarcerated individuals in jails, prisons, and juvenile facilities.

  2. The NP Mom

    The NP Mom provides information and health care tools for fellow nurse practitioners.

  3. The Nursing Show

    The Nursing Show broadcasts a radio show, podcast, news while also sharing comments and tips for RNs, LPNs, and nursing students.

  4. My Strong Medicine

    My Strong Medicine is a blog about the adventures of a male nurse navigating through life, staying fit, and surviving the journey.

  5. Different Types of Nursing

    Different Types of Nursing is a blog that explores alternative nursing career opportunities and you’ll also find nursing career tips and information.

  6. My Ramblings…From the Trauma bay

    My Ramblings…From the Trauma bay share random humor, thoughts, and topics for fellow nurses.

  7. Just Call Me Nurse

    Just Call Me Nurse is a blog that shares pre and post nursing school tips and advice.

  8. Kate Loving Shenk

    Kate Loving Shenk is a blog for healers and nurse healers to help access your inner healing power.

  9. Learning Disability Nurse

    Learning Disability Nurse provides career information for learning disability nursing.

  10. Nursing Ideas

    Nursing Ideas helps spreads ideas among nurses and nursing students.

  11. See Jane Nurse

    See Jane Nurse offers random insight into the life of a nurse.

  12. The Dog Ate My Care Plan…

    The Dog Ate My Care Plan…chronicles the experiences and journey of a student in nursing school.

  13. Infusion Nurse Blog

    Infusion Nurse Blog shares and discusses ideas related to infusion nursing, vascular access, and infusion therapies.

  14. Abilenerob

    Abilenerob is a blog created by an RN that provides quirky and humorous posts about patient care.

  15. At Your Cervix

    At Your Cervix is a blog about the musings, rantings, and opinions of a labor and delivery nurse on her path to be a nurse-midwife.

  16. Pergology

    Pergology is a blog created by Coach Perg, who is a nurse coach trying to guide and inspire nurses to have a more fulfilled career.

  17. Crass-Pollination

    Crass-Pollination is an ER blog that showcases the less glamorous side of the ER with a witty spin.

  18. Barb’s Daily Dose

    Barb’s Daily Dose is a blog created by Nurse Barb to provide advice to fellow nurses.

  19. CodeBlog

    CodeBlog share the experiences and stories of one nurse and others in the healthcare system.

  20. offers and shares an eclectic mix of a RN’s reflections, tutorials, and articles.

  21. Nurse Story

    Nurse Story is a blog about nursing, NP’s, and health care.

  22. Digital Doorway

    Digital Doorway is a blog created by NurseKeith to share his reflections on nursing, coaching, and healthcare.

  23. JParadisi RN’s Blog

    JParadisi RN’s blog offers posts on nursing, science and art.

  24. Nursing Law & Order

    Nursing Law & Order provides commentary on legal issues facing nurses.

  25. is a blog that shares and explores NP’s experiences and stories as they start their nurse practitioner career.

  26. Off the Charts

    Off the Charts is the blog of the American Journal of Nursing, which provides and highlights what’s most interesting, important, and troubling in nursing and health care.

  27. Nurse Pickle

    Nurse Pickle is a blog that provides the experiences and stories of one nurse’s journey through the ups and downs of being a wife and nurse.

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Student Resources

Beyond books and a lecture hall, there are organizations and groups that are dedicated to helping nursing students while they pursue their degree. It isn’t easy to be a nursing student, and seeking out help can definitely ease the stress. Listed below are several resources that provide guidance and direction for nursing students.

  1. Health Is Social

    Health Is Social is a site that infuses social media and topics on leadership into healthcare.

  2. Fitzgerald Health Education Associates

    Fitzgerald Health Education Associates provides instructive teaching with case examples and interactive assessment analysis to help students review new information, focusing on evidence-based practice.

  3. Advanced Practice Education Associates

    Advanced Practice Education Associates provides assistance and guidance for nurse practitioners and nurse practitioner students in advancing professionally and educationally through review courses, continuing education programs, books, and other educational offerings.

  4. Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation

    Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation is an educational organization that is committed to improving health status and quality of care through nurse practitioner advances in education, research, health policy, service, and philanthropy.

  5. The Makings Of A Nurse

    The Makings Of A Nurse is a blog that serves as an outlet for sharing a nursing student’s experiences, hearing about other fellow students, and having a conversation about contemporary nursing.

  6. Nurse 411

    Nurse 411 is a site that offers various resources for nursing students and practicing nurse practitioners.

  7. Frazzledrazzlern

    Frazzledrazzlern is a blog that shares various and random posts from a nursing student.

  8. NP Central

    NP Central is a non-profit organization and site developed by nurse practitioners to provide resources and help meet the needs of practicing nurse practitioners.

  9. RN: Real Newbie (a Nurse’s blog)

    RN: Real Newbie is a blog from the perspective of a recent nursing school graduate and the experiences of being a “Real Nurse.”

  10. Advanced Practice Education Services

    Advanced Practice Education Services is a continuing education company owned and operated by a nurse practitioner that provides interactive and nationally approved continuing education courses to nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

  11. is site that offers nurses with resources in professional education and information to better their professional careers.

  12. is a site and job resource to help nurses explore other career opportunities in the healthcare field.

  13. NSNA

    NSNA is an educational organization dedicated to encouraging the professional development of nursing students.

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Professional Resources

Even though nurse practitioners are practicing professionals in healthcare, they can still continue to educate themselves and learn more about their profession. There are various organizations and groups available to help nurse practitioners in the field. Listed below are resources that nurse practitioners professionals will find helpful.

    1. Triumphs and Tribulations of a New Nurse Practitioner

      Follow the journey of a non-traditional student from registered nurse to nurse practitioner!

    2. SpringBoard

      SpringBoard, the official blog of Springer Publishing Company, is the home of essays, news items, and dispatches from leading academics, scholars, and practitioners in the nursing, psychology, gerontology, social work, counseling, public health, rehabilitation and medical education fields.

    3. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners

      Marilyn W. Edmunds, President of Nurse Practitioner Connections and adjunct faculty at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, is the editor of The Journal of Nurse Practitioners.

    4. Nursing Staff Development: Behind the Firewall

      Blog founder Teresa Heithaus wanted to create a corner of the Internet where nursing, staff development and nursing education experiences could be shared.

    5. Barbara C. Phillips

      A website and service that exists to provide education, resources, and support to both the clinician entrepreneur and the aspiring entrepreneur in their business development.

    6. Confident Voices

      Beth Boynton is the author of “Confident Voices” the book, newsletter and blog. She’s a nurse consultant, national speaker, professional coach, teacher and per diem RN on an Alzheimer’s Care unit.

    7. RehabRN

      Blogging since 2007, Rehab RN is a great resource for professional registered nurses interested in rehabilitation.

    8. Heartstrong LLC

      HeartStrong, LLC is a multi-media health education, communications, and consulting firm dedicated to promoting awareness and education of health issues.

    9. Cummins & White LLP

      Melanie Balestra is an attorney and nurse practitioner who advises about healthcare law.

    10. Infant Mental Health for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

      Infant Mental Health for the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner a site designed to provide information about infant mental health with a focus on the first 12 months of life. The site assists PNPs in supporting infants and families during the first year.

    11. Carolyn Buppert

      Carolyn Buppert is a health care attorney. Her legal clients include medical practices, institutions, non-profit organizations and individual clinicians throughout the United States.

    12. Care Plans is the #1 online resource for nursing assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation.

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Nurse Entrepreneurs

Sometimes being a nurse practitioner isn’t enough for someone in nursing. There are many individuals who wish to pursue other opportunities and aspects of the healthcare industry. Below you will find various entrepreneurs in the field of nursing.

    1. Affinity House Calls

      Owner, and acute care nurse practitioner, Lisa Tabor began Affinity House Calls to provide immobile patients access to quality healthcare.

      • Specialty: Home healthcare visits
    2. ADVANCE For Nurses

      Great Resource that covers everything Nursing

      • Specialty:Advance For Nurses
    3. Hospice of Broward County

      Your Non-Profit End of Life Care Providor

      • Specialty:Hospice of Broward County
    4. Nebraska Nursing Consultants LLC

      Nebraska Nursing Consultants is a registry of professional, registered nurses in private practice in Lincoln, Nebraska and the Grand Island-Hastings-Kearney area.

      • Specialty: Home healthcare visits
    5. Small Beginnings

      Small Beginnings is a private corporation of healthcare professionals with a passion for the NICU. They develop products specifically for newborn and premature babies.

      • Specialty: Latex-free, healthy new born products
    6. Carolyn Zaumeyer, MSN, ARNP

      Carolyn Zaumeyer guides nurse practitioners who are contemplating starting a practice as well as those who have already made the commitment to independent practice.

      • Specialty: Consulting
    7. Health & Continence Institute

      Helen Carcio is the founder and director of The Health & Continence Institute of Western Massachusetts. She lectures extensively on a national level on women’s bladder health issues

      • Specialty: Women’s bladder health
    8. Yoga Nurse

      Annette Tersigni of The Yoga Nurse helps nurses to turn on their self-care and wealth care to strike gold in their nursing careers.

      • Specialty: Retreats, speaking, training
    9. My Papp

      MyPapp is a free Android App developed to educate women about the Pap test so that they can access information conveniently and privately.

      • Specialty: Mobile medical technology, women’s health
    10. Wisdom and Wellness

      Luann Lavin is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Wisdom and Wellness is a portal to her practice as well as educational resources.

      • Specialty: Pelvic wellness
    11. Passport Health

      Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medical services in the United States with locations nationwide founded by Fran Lessans, RN, educator, and healthcare administrator.

      • Specialty: Advice, Immunizations, Safety, Medicines, Insurance, Vaccination
    12. Snuggin Go

      Designed by mother and neonatal nurse practitioner, Beth Rumack, Snuggin Go is for infants from 4 pounds and greater, up to one year of age, and helps babies sit and breath right.

      • Specialty: Car seat safety
    13. Genesis Gold

      Founder of Genesis Health Products Inc, clinical endocrine advisor to Genova Laboratory and Sansum Medical Clinic, past president of California Association of Nurse Practitioners, and published author, Deborah Maragopoulos operates a thriving integrative medical practice—Full Circle Family Health.

      • Specialty: Integrative medicine
    14. Sleep Medicine Network

      Run by medical director Dr. Joseph Zelk, DNP, Sleep Medicine Network sells the only custom, metal-free, fully adjustable, inexpensive alternative for the management of sleep disordered breathing.

      • Specialty: Sleep disorders
    15. Eileen T. O’Grady

      Dr. Eileen T. O’Grady is a certified adult nurse practitioner who has practiced in primary care for over two decades. As a wellness coach, she helps people to create an ideal vision for their health.

      • Specialty: Wellness
    16. TelePresenceCoaching

      With more than two decades of experience as a nurse practitioner, Dr. Deborah Kiley helps people to identify strategies that work for them to improve their health.

      • Specialty: Wellness
    17. Johnetta Miner

      Johnetta Miner, MPH, MSN, NP is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Lifestyle Wellness Coach, and a Health & Wellness Consultant.

      • Specialty: Wellness
    18. Martha Klay – RN, MSN, APRN

      Marthy Klay is a nurse practitioner specializing in continence management in Massachusetts.

      • Specialty: Continence
    19. Nurses Today, INC

      Since 1982, families, physicians and health care institutions have turned to Nurses Today for quality home health care and temporary staffing needs.

      • Specialty: Professional staffing
    20. Pyramid Preventative Medicines

      Nancy Onyett, FNP-C is a board certified family nurse practitioner who believes those who incorporate preventative age management into their lives are better able to prevent chronic diseases and optimally manage existing diseases.

      • Specialty: Preventative medicine
    21. DiabeteSteps Rx

      DiabeteSteps Rx is a full-service health and wellness organization, providing medical services aimed at the prevention and treatment of diabetes, and its associated medical conditions, founded by FNP, Cheryl Winter.

      • Specialty: Diabetes treatment and prevention
    22. NurseLed

      NurseLed is a community where nurse-led or nurse-owned clinics and businesses can get advice and best practices from other nurse managers.

      • Specialty: Nurse management
    23. Hypnotherapy for Health

      Seth-Deborah Roth combines her nursing experience with her hypnotherapy expertise to give patients integrated treatment options.

      • Specialty: Hypnotherapy
    24. Flores Law Firm

      Joe Flores, RN, MSN, CCRN, FNP, JD is an attorney and a certified family nurse practitioner in Texas. His firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of the elderly and the disadvantaged.

      • Specialty: Administrative law, criminal defense
    25. Nurse Entrepreneur Network

      Nurse Entrepreneur Network provides resources for starting, building, and managing nursing businesses.

      • Specialty: Entrepreneurial resources
    26. Mimi Secor

      Mimi Secor is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner specializing in Women’s Health. She’s also a popular National Speaker and Consultant, educating advanced practice clinicians and consumers globally.

      • Specialty: Nurse Practitioner Consulting

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Honorable Mention

There were so many fantastic websites authored by nurse practitioners and nurses this year. From entrepreneurs who broke out on their own to start a private practice or launch a product, to writers sharing their nursing experiences, it was too difficult to narrow the list down to just 100. We have added an honorable mention section to our round-up, to account for additional blogs and websites that deserve recognition.

  1. Joy Elwell – FNP, LLC

    Joy Elwell is a family nurse practitioner and DNP (doctorate in nursing practice) who founded her own practice. Her mission is to provide patient-centered primary health care that is high quality, cost effective, and evidenced based.

    • Specialty: Personalized health care
  2. Manhattan House Calls

    Denis F. Tarrant is a Nurse Practitioner who is Board Certified in the practice of Adult Primary Care. His practice is currently limited to Internal Medicine Home Visits.

    • Specialty: Internal medicine, house calls
  3. Partners in Healthcare Education, LLC

    Partners in Healthcare Education, LLC is committed to providing high quality continuing education programs. As experienced and practicing clinicians, Lane Edwards and Wendy Wright are involved in primary care on a day-to-day basis.

  4. Advanced Clinical Consultants

    Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, DNP, FNP-BC has a mission to provide a house call to every senior or disabled person in the City of New Orleans who is not able to visit their regular primary care physician

    • Specialty: Senior and disability home care
  5. Advanced Practice Education Services

    A continuing education company independently owned and operated by nurse practitioner Andy Austin FNP-C, APES provides interactive, “hands-on” nationally approved continuing education courses to nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

    • Specialty: Continuing education
  6. Life in the Clinic

    Life in the Clinic tells stories from the point of view of a pediatric nurse practitioner.

  7. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place

    A nurse practitioner blog that features information relevant to nurse practitioner practice, links to other nurse practitioner, nurse, and medical professional websites.


    This blog, authored by Stephen Ferrara, who also authors the blog on Online Nurse Practitioner, highlights current issues, trends, and policies affecting nurse practitioners.

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