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Nurse practitioners are meeting a larger proportion of the need for primary care services than ever, and this growing opportunity has made it a great time for NPs to open their own clinics and take on leadership roles both on the administrative side and the treatment side of a medical facility. The increasing value of business acumen and good contacts in the nursing field has made professional networking an absolute must for ambitious nurses.

Google+ can be a great place to make first contact with other nurse entrepreneurs, follow nursing publications, and stay ahead of new information at the intersection of business and nursing. Here are some great Google+ pages that any nurse will find useful, not listed in ranking order, but organized topically and by level of activity and new material regularly published. Many of these individuals, publications, and businesses can also be found on Twitter and Facebook, for the motivated nurse who uses social media as a power productivity tool.

    Clinics & Businesses

    Clinics with nurse practitioners in leadership positions are a great place for nurses with entrepreneurial intentions to get their start, and if the clinic has a blog or newsletter that shares about how the business is working out, that’s another great source of info.

  1. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog

    Nurse Practictioner Business Owner Blog

    Nurse practitioners and other clinicians use this site for resources for running a successful practice. They can find courses, consulting, and coaching on the topics of business and practice startup, professional use of social media, business planning for clinicians and more.

  2. Scrubs Magazine

    Scrubs Magazine

    Scrubs Magazine is for nurses to find career advice and inspiring stories from real nurses, as well as beauty and fashion tips. It is dedicated to the very specific joys and challenges nurses face.

  3. American Association of Nurse Practitioners

    American Association of Nurse Practitioners

    The AANP is the largest full-service national professional membership organization for NPs of all specialties. Their posts include anything that could be of use to NPs, including new health information and other news.

  4. Community Health Centers-Apopka Family

    Community Health Centers-Apopka Family

    This health center functions as a family clinic as well as a women’s health center. Run and managed by Nurse practitioners, this center offers quality care to community members.

  5. NP Healthcare & Associates

    NP Healthcare & Associates

    Dr. Karas is a board certified nurse practitioner and has worked in long term care and home care settings. She has more than 27 years of diverse and successful nursing work experience.

  6. NursePractitioner

    NursePractitioner is the official job board for the professional NP. Their Google+ account as well as their website have regular, active job postings listed.

  7. Inspired Life Wellness Clinic, PLLC for ALL your Mental Health Needs

    Inspired Life Wellness Clinic, PLLC for ALL your Mental Health Needs

    Inspired Life Wellness Clinic, is a holistic based mental health practice located in Bismarck, ND. Owned and operated by a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse, they provide treatment for all mental health conditions

  8. Lifestyle Wellness Network

    Lifestyle Wellness Network

    Lifestyle Wellness partner with women who are 50+, wellness business entrepreneurs, holistic care practitioners and experienced nurses to help them achieve a balanced life. They provide personalized lifestyle coaching by focusing on areas of your life that support creating a lifestyle of wellness.

  9. Mount Sinai Hospital

    Mount Sinai Hospital

    The Mount Sinai Health System is an integrated health system committed to providing distinguished care, conducting research, and advancing education. Their hospital is well known for care and research in NYC.

  10. ZoomCare


    ZoomCare staffs board certified doctors, physician assistants and family nurse practitioners who are specialists in illnesses, injuries and preventive care. They are open evenings and weekends, as an alternative to traditional urgent care.

  11. MD Today Urgent Care

    MD Today Urgent Care

    MDToday is an urgent care office in San Diego. Their posts often include great tips about how to prevent sickness over the holidays, immunization news, and other stay healthy tips.

  12. National Nurses Plus

    National Nurses Plus

    National Nurses Plus works with nurses in Sydney, Australia to help nurses and nursing professionals find jobs. They often post about new jobs and new job trends throughout Australia.

  13. American Mobile Healthcare

    American Mobile Healthcare

    American Mobile Healthcare offers nurses the chance to travel and become mobile nurses. In doing so, they can advance their career, earn competitive pay and live the adventure of a lifetime.

  14. The Oaks Healthcare: Bush David DC, FNP-C

    The Oaks Healthcare:  Bush David DC, FNP-C

    The Oaks Healthcare offers expert chiropractic care as well as general medical care. As a family nurse practitioner, Dr. David Bush can provide pediatric visits and medically managed weight loss.

  15. Total Family Physicians Center

    Total Family Physicians Center

    Total Family Physicians Center is a multidisciplinary clinic offering chiropractic services, physical therapy, massage therapy, spinal decompression, knee rehabilitation and pain management. Their comprehensive approach to treatment includes disease prevention and even stress management.

  16. Pain Stop Clinics

    Pain Stop Clinics

    The Pain Stop Clinics work to help patients experience pain relief without the use of surgery and/or lifelong pharmacological intervention. Every patient has access to their own personal team of Pain Management Specialists, Doctors, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Medical Assistants, Therapists and Patient Care coordinators every time they enter a Pain Stop clinic.

  17. Cederquist Medical Wellness Center – Caroline Cederquist

    Caroline Cederquist

    Dr. Cederquist’s goal is to consistently learn more about weight loss so she can better help her patients who battle weight and metabolic issues.

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    Nurses and NPs

    Talking to people with experience in a desired field is a tried and true way of gaining insight. Nurse entrepreneurs and nurse practitioners on Google+ share many useful tidbits for others with less experience who are eager to learn.

  19. Angela Brooks

    Angela Brooks

    Angela Brooks is a nursing educator who has worked in a state funded mental hospital for the last 23 years. She focuses on helping nurses avoid burnout and balance work and life.

  20. Shelley Webb

    Shelley Webb

    Shelly Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and certified health coach. One of her primary goals is to work with family caregivers to master their role as a caregiver and continue their own life.

  21. Brittany Wilson – The Nerdy Nurse

    Brittany Wilson - The Nerdy Nurse

    Brittney Wilson, RN, BSN, also known as The Nerdy Nurse, is a Clinical Informatics Specialist practicing in Georgia. She is a patient, nurse and technology advocate, and works to use technology to improve health and patient outcomes.

  22. Capra Dalton

    Capra Dalton

    As the CEO of Pedagogy, she handles all operational aspects including education course content, author recruitment, and management. She has more than 26 years of experience in infusion therapy and the instruction of licensed nurses in infusion therapy

  23. Lori Greenhill

    Lori Greenhill

    Lori is the CEO of Concierge Services/Nurses of Augusta. She offers Legal Nurse and Healthcare Consulting to help nurses better manage their practices.

  24. Terri Schmitt

    Terri Schmitt

    Terri Schmitt is an assistant professor of nursing at Southwest Baptist University. She is also a Family Nurse Practitioner with a practice in a rural health clinic in Missouri.

  25. Elizabeth Scala

    Elizabeth Scala

    Elizabeth is a nurse coach passionate about helping healthcare professionals, nurses in particular, to embody holistic living and embrace self-care. She writes regularly on the topic of self-care, conducts a free, monthly wellness workshop, and offers both in-person and online seminars for busy nurses.

  26. Erica MacDonald

    Erica MacDonald

    Erica MacDonald RN, BSN, MSN educates nurses and students about nurse entrepreneurship. She works to empower nurses and nursing students through nurse entrepreneurship by providing them with education even if they wish to practice in non-traditional roles.

  27. Scott Wakefield

    Scott Wakefield

    Scott Wakefiled is a medical professional living and working in Australia. While he was previously employed at a pharmacy, he now works at the Nurse Practitioners Clinic Australia.

  28. Jesse Erickson(The Money RN)

    Jesse Erickson(The Money RN)

    Jesse Erickson has been a nurse for over 20 years and regularly posts about health trends and new discoveries. He also posts about the business and work of nursing, including specialties and the future of the job field.

  29. Mighty Nurse

    Mighty Nurse

    MightyNurse works to encourage nurses in every stage of nursing. From students to retirement, this Google+ account is meant to offer inspiration to all nurses.

  30. Marla Miller

    Marla Miller

    Marla Miller is a nurse practitioner who now works as a writer and RN consultant. She has also author books in the healthcare field, including a book on health care pricing called, Decode The Black Box of Group Health Insurance

  31. Kathleen Pooler

    Kathleen Pooler

    Kathleen Pooler is a retired family nurse practitioner. She currently works as a memoir writer, writing true stories of hope and inspiration.

  32. Brian Geyser

    Brian Geyser

    Brian is a clinician, consultant, educator, speaker, and serial entrepreneur with over 20 year of experience in health care. His current business provides social media and web strategy/solutions for health care, home care, senior living and long-term care providers.

  33. Charlene Christiano

    Charlene Christiano

    Charlene Christiano has been in nursing for 29+ years, as a Registered Nurse and a Master’s prepared, Board Certified Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Charlene is the creator of The Poweresse System, which helps you maximize success in living a fulfilling and purposeful life by teaching you how to reclaim your power, be unstoppable and live your brilliance. The Poweresse System is a unique, holistic program that accelerates the transformation process for personal development and professional success by integrating science, personal development and business components.

  34. Scharmaine Lawson Baker

    Scharmaine Lawson Baker

    Scharmaine Baker opened the first NP housecall practice in the state of Louisiana. She is still active in medicine, trains other NPs on opening practices, and speaks at conferences about accessible medicine.

  35. Bonnie Groessl

    Bonnie Groessl

    Bonnie Groessl, MSN is a holistic nurse practitioner, author, and entrepreneurial coach. She writes meditation programs and focuses much of her practice on mind-body medicine, nutrition, and energy medicine.

  36. Helena Farrell

    Helena Farrell

    Helena Farrell works as a self-employed diabetes nurse consultant in Ireland. Her posts include information on nursing, as well as healthy living with diabetes.

  37. Nurse Michelle Winslow

    Nurse Michelle Winslow

    Michelle Winslow has been an NP for over 25 years. She writes in her areas of specialty, including Pediatrics, Family Practice and Mental Health.

  38. Pamela Egan

    Pamela Egan

    Pamela Egan is a board-certified adult and family nurse practitioner, certified diabetes educator, and world-renowned health columnist. She is also the proprietor of the Egan Wellness & Anti-Aging Clinic and the Egan Skin Care Spa of Covington, LA.

  39. Sylette Debois(Nursing First)

    Sylette Debois(Nursing First)

    Nursing First is a great resource for nursing entrepreneurs. It is dedicated to the education, enhancement, & empowerment of nursing professionals.

  40. Lienne Twidwell

    Lienne Twidwell

    Lienne Twidwell is an RN who works to help nurses find careers. She is currently recruiting experienced RNs for new careers with a stable and growing Healthcare Facility in San Antonio, TX.

  41. Linkous & Associates

    Linkous & Associates

    Linkous & Associates specializes in the nationwide recruitment and placement of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners. Their posts often link to job postings as hospitals and clinics, and offer tips for neonatal NPs.

  42. Annie Barr

    Annie Barr

    Annie Barr offers training and consulting to improve healthcare and delivery in the UK. She provides accredited high quality and relevant clinical and non-clinical training, consultancy and case management services to offer 8,000 clinicians.

  43. Student Nurse Resource

    Student Nurse Resource

    This student resource site provides online small group or private tutoring with Q&A live chat sessions to be scheduled weekly. They help prepare students for prepare students for TEAS, NCLEX testing and everything in between.

  44. Carol Ebert

    Carol Ebert

    Carol Ebert is an RN and health educator who currently works as a life coach. She currently owns and operates her own organization, Creating Wellness Cultures.

  45. Martha Bray

    Martha Bray

    Martha Bray is the owner and manager of Advanced Health Clinic. Advanced Health Clinic is an integrated holistic wellness clinic that specializes in integrated medicine, chiropractic care, holistic counseling, massage therapy, as well as has a health and nutrition store.

  46. Mark Holloway

    Mark Holloway

    Meridian Medical Staffing, Inc. specializes in supplemental medical staffing for premier hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States. These staffing opportunities can be great opportunities for both medical centers and providers.

  47. Leslie Jeffries

    Leslie Jeffries

    Leslie Jeffries regularly posts about physical and mental health. She also posts about nursing, and how to have a successful and rewarding nursing career.

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    Other Useful Pages

    General nursing publications and even medical suppliers and other auxiliary medical businesses often publish useful info for nurse entrepreneurs on their websites, and some are even on Google+, making them much easier learn about and contact.

  49. [email protected]


    [email protected] is a groundbreaking online Master of Science in Nursing. Their Family Nurse Practitioner program designed for licensed registered nurses with bachelor’s degrees and prepares students with the skills to become clinical experts who can provide premium health care to patients across the life span.

  50. STAT!Ref


    STAT!Ref is the premier healthcare e-resource and allows users to intuitively cross-search full-text titles, journals and evidence-based point-of-care authoritative resources. It is great for students or those practicing medicine, including doctors and nurse practitioners.

  51. Traveling4Health & Retirement

    Traveling4Health & Retirement

    This account is a health and medical resources for those retiring overseas or for medical travel. She also posts about medical and scientific procedures happening abroad.

  52. Everyday Health

    Everyday Health is a leading provider of online health news, information and resources. They offer interactive features including webcasts, videos, photo galleries, tools, trackers, and blogs that allow a hands-on approach to managing your condition or improving your general health.

  53. Medscape Nurses

    Medscape Nurses

    Medscape is a leading online source of professional and relevant news and health information for clinicians and providers. Medscape Nurses offers nurses medical news, clinical reference, and continuing education, all in one place.

  54. Journal of Family Health Care including School & Public Nurses Associations

    Journal of Family Health Care including School & Public Nurses Associations

    This journal provides news from the world of community health professionals working with families and children. They offer interviews, blogs and videos from the world of school and community health professionals working with families.

  55. Lippincott’s Nursing Solutions


    Lippincott’s Nursing Solutions offers software to meet the needs of even the busiest nurse or practice, and their Google Plus page is packed with informative articles for professionals at the intersection of nursing and business.

  56. Best of Nursing

    Best of Nursing

    Best of Nurses is a place run by nurses for others in the nursing community. It’s a place for nurses to find nursing and health news, tips on career development, humor, and inspiration.

  57. DryCast


    DryCast provides the highest quality of cast & bandage protectors to medical practices, medical supply stores, pharmacies, and individuals. Doctors and nurses use these with their patients to prevent damaging casts.

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