Nurse Leader Career

Job Description

A nurse leader is a nurse practitioner with a designated position of authority. Nurse leaders provide a supportive and stimulating environment for staff as well as patients. For registered nurses interested in an administrative, managerial, or executive role, nurse leadership is a program specifically designed to develop the knowledge and critical thinking skills required to assume management responsibilities. Nurse leaders are often responsible for overall management of his/her nursing unit.

Degree Options and Career Information

Nurse leadership programs cover a wide range of objectives including how to motivate, inspire, and empower students to successfully lead a team of health care professionals. Courses cover such topics as effective leadership skills, how to implement valuable recruitment and retention processes, and methods for addressing barriers among staff.

  • Nurse Leader Requirements: To practice as a nurse leader you must first earn a Bachelor of Science in nursing, and be able to practice as a registered nurse. Then you can complete a Master of Science in nursing with a specialty in nurse leadership.
  • Work Environment: Nurse leaders work as consultants, or in a hospital or other large medical facility. Nurse leaders can also work for the government or non-profit agencies.