Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner (ENP or ACNP) Career

Job Description

Emergency Nurse Practitioners (ENPs) provide emergency and urgent care to people of all ages. They are trained to manage acute illnesses, trauma, chronic unstable illnesses, and to stabilize conditions using a variety of life-saving technology. They also decide where to refer patients for follow-up care. ENPs usually work in emergency rooms, urgent care, or ambulances. They must be able to think fast on their feet to diagnose and correctly treat injuries and illnesses, and also be aware that the most obvious injury might not be the only one, or the most serious one. The job is exciting, mentally and emotionally exhausting, but very rewarding.

Degree Options and Career Information

RNs should have at least two years of clinical experience before applying to MSN/ENP programs, and preferably will have some experience in the emergency department. Because you never know what skills will be required in an emergency care situation, ENPs are trained to handle everything from psychiatric management to pediatrics to invasive skills, so they can provide urgent care to any patient.

Programs include coursework in theory and clinical practice. Some offer a semester of total emersion in emergency rooms. Current nurse practitioners may opt to enroll in a Post-Master’s Certificate ENP Degree Plan if they want to specialize in emergency care.

  • ENP Requirements: To become an ENP you must be a registered nurse (RN), hold either a master’s or doctorate degree, and pass the National Board certification in acute care.
  • Work Environment: ENPs work in emergency care settings such as hospitals, emergency rooms, emergency clinics, and schools and colleges.

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