Busy with Your Nursing Career? 3 Strategies for Work-Life Balance

Nursing is certainly one of the busiest professions. Not only do we work our own shifts, often we are asked to cover for our colleagues. Making shift switches, working overtime and coming in for on-call can add to the time you spend on the job. How can a busy nurse have a life when constantly at work?

Work Life Balance Strategies for NursesMany nurses may want to run for the hills when they hear the term ‘work life balance’. Before you stop reading this post, I do want to put you at ease. Balance certainly is something we may never fully achieve. And guess what? That is OK, even normal. In reality, balance is something we are continuously working to maintain. Continue reading

No Time? 4 Tips to Manage Your Day

Time Management Tips for Busy NursesThese days nurses work at an extremely fast pace. During most shifts, it feels as though we don’t even have any time to sit down… let alone take a break to eat lunch!

Nursing leadership wants us to participate in shared governance, conduct nursing research and continue with professional development. But how can we do this when we’re faced with so many competing priorities at work. How can we better manage our day so that we have time for our patient care (and ourselves)? Continue reading

Thrive in Nursing: 6 Tips for Happiness in the Workplace

THRIVE in Nursing: 6 Tips for Happiness in the Workplace


Healthcare is ever-changing. There are policies to review, electronic systems to learn and patients to keep up with. Add to this fast pace of nursing, the diverse personalities we find ourselves working with, a nurse’s job can be challenging (to say the least).

As a nurse practitioner, you work with a wide array of professions and interact with individuals on many levels of the career spectrum. A difficult co-worker, disgruntled family member or even an irate patient can muddle up the work day. So what can we do about it? Continue reading

5 Facebook Groups for Nurses

5 Facebook Groups for Nurses

Social media networking can have many positive benefits for nurses. From job leads to emotional support after a hard day at work, there is power in community. As a nurse, if you have questions about social media use see what the NCSBN advises. While keeping HIPAA in mind, nurses can join the following 5 Facebook groups for professional networking with nurses from all over the world:
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3 Educational YouTube Channels Starring Nurses

3 educational youtube channels starring nurses


Video is a great format for nurses and nursing students to learn about topics such as nursing basics, skills, and self-care. Online video allows viewers to learn at their own pace, and in a mobile friendly format. Video can bring life to dry nursing topics. The majority of learners are visual and video can serve to reinforce learning.
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4 Awesome Podcasts for Nurses


four awesome nurse podcasts

As podcasting continues to grow in popularity, more nurses have expanded their blogs to include this platform. Podcasts can be more convenient than traditional blogs for many content consumers. You can listen to podcasts while commuting, exercising, and working. It is no wonder that everyone is jumping on the podcasting wagon, and listeners of podcasts are growing in number. Here’s a roundup of a few great nurse podcasts that cover topics that are pertinent to nursing and healthcare:
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Nurse’s Roles are Evolving.

Nurse's roles are evolving

The role of nurses continues to evolve due to changes in society, technology, and healthcare. Despite the stereotypical view of nurses (working in clinics and hospitals), nurses are doing great things outside of traditional healthcare. Here are just a couple of the awesome nurses that are making a difference in expanded roles:
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Top Twitter and Instagram Hashtags for Nurses

Top Twitter & Instagram Hashtags for NursesDo you need to connect with the nursing community on Instagram and Twitter? One of the quickest ways to grow your social following and connect with others is to use hashtags on these two platforms. Joining the online nursing community has many benefits. Common reasons that nurses search for others in the online nursing community via social media are:
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