Difficult Patient? How to Work with All Shapes & Sizes

I’ll be honest right up front. I do not even like the title of this blog post. The term ‘difficult’ carries negative baggage. Yet, as nurses we all have that one patient we will never forget.

You know the one. Presenting to us with all sorts of co-morbidities. Not adhering to the treatment plan. Bouncing in and out of the healthcare system for all sorts of reasons.

While we, as the nurse, must care for this person- is it always as easy as pushing our own feelings aside and putting on a professional face?

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Spring Forward: 5 Steps to Reaching Professional Goals

NP blog. March postNurses and nursing students alike often share an important attribute. They tend to be life-long learners.

With the desire to stay up-to-date on professional skills and the drive to engage in a profession influenced by evidence-based practice, many of us set professional goals for further education. We look to develop both personally and professionally to stay ahead of the healthcare curve. And with this nature of curiosity and continued learning, comes goal setting.

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Your Life Outside of Work: 3 Tips on Self-Care

For the most part, the month of February makes people think of ‘love’. With the Valentine’s holiday, whether you view it as hallmark or not, we are reminded of relationships and the values of caring and love. While it is certainly nice to bring flowers home to your spouse or candy treats into the workplace for your colleagues, what about the most important person in your life? You! Continue reading