4 Terms Every Nursing Student Should Know

Chemistry, biology, pathophysiology… My head is spinning just thinking about all of the courses that nursing students have to take. The amount of content that a nursing student has to remember and recall during a test or clinical exam can be overwhelming. And still- we have nursing students successfully graduate from nursing school month after month after month. Continue reading

The 5 Best Pieces of Nursing Advice I’ve Ever Received

Nursing is an amazing profession. There are SO many nurses out there that one day- you’ll be sure to receive some nursing advice.

Now a word of caution. Some nurses have experienced years of hardship in nursing and so may offer more cynical advice than we would like to receive. In fact, I read a post on social media of a nursing student asking the group, “Gosh- is nursing really this hard? Reading the horror stories from nurses is making me NOT want to enter this profession.” Continue reading

Why It’s Important for Nurses to Have Some Alone Time

Alone time! HA! What IS that?” Or… “Don’t you know that there’s no time for that!?! I’m a nurse!

jan-np-blog-postRight on. I get it.

  • Nurses travel in specialty, attending conferences in groups. We learn in classes full of other nurses. We work with peers, colleagues, supervisors, and other professionals. When are we ever “alone”?
  • Then- we have our shift. We are taking care of patients all day. Sometimes we find it hard to take a break, just to eat a snack. We have the pager, phone, alarm, bell, whistle, or computer. The list goes on and on as to why we cannot find that quiet space.
  • After work- we come home to take care of more people. Our families are waiting and these can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Adult parents to care for. Children to feed. Fur babies to play with. Do we ever get some peace and quiet?

Continue reading

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Nursing Specialty

nov-np-blog-postAs nursing students journey through nursing school, they begin to think about the nursing specialty that they would like to enter into. Sadly, I continue to hear from nursing students that they are being told things like: “You need 1-2 years of experience before being able to work here” or “You need to get a job in the hospital first, so that you have that background”. But what if you don’t want to work in the hospital? Or become a med-surg nurse? Continue reading