Why It’s Important for Nurses to Have Some Alone Time

Alone time! HA! What IS that?” Or… “Don’t you know that there’s no time for that!?! I’m a nurse!

jan-np-blog-postRight on. I get it.

  • Nurses travel in specialty, attending conferences in groups. We learn in classes full of other nurses. We work with peers, colleagues, supervisors, and other professionals. When are we ever “alone”?
  • Then- we have our shift. We are taking care of patients all day. Sometimes we find it hard to take a break, just to eat a snack. We have the pager, phone, alarm, bell, whistle, or computer. The list goes on and on as to why we cannot find that quiet space.
  • After work- we come home to take care of more people. Our families are waiting and these can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Adult parents to care for. Children to feed. Fur babies to play with. Do we ever get some peace and quiet?

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Deciding on a Nursing Specialty

nov-np-blog-postAs nursing students journey through nursing school, they begin to think about the nursing specialty that they would like to enter into. Sadly, I continue to hear from nursing students that they are being told things like: “You need 1-2 years of experience before being able to work here” or “You need to get a job in the hospital first, so that you have that background”. But what if you don’t want to work in the hospital? Or become a med-surg nurse? Continue reading

Difficult Patient? How to Work with All Shapes & Sizes

I’ll be honest right up front. I do not even like the title of this blog post. The term ‘difficult’ carries negative baggage. Yet, as nurses we all have that one patient we will never forget.

You know the one. Presenting to us with all sorts of co-morbidities. Not adhering to the treatment plan. Bouncing in and out of the healthcare system for all sorts of reasons.

While we, as the nurse, must care for this person- is it always as easy as pushing our own feelings aside and putting on a professional face?

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