25 Facts You Never Knew About Michelle Obama’s Public Health Campaign

You may have heard about first lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” pulbic health program that intends to combat childhood obesity in the U.S. What you may not know is that Mrs. Obama had to confront the possibility of childhood obesity in her own children as a working parent. We wondered what else we might not know about Mrs. Obama’s public health campaign, so we compiled a list of facts about her program to share with you. Continue reading

17 Educational Infographics to Learn About Smoking & Public Health

While the hazardous news about smoking cigarettes has made its rounds from generation to generation, people still purchase cigarettes and they still smoke them. While smokers may have a death wish or they may become addicted, the people who do not smoke are affected as well with what is known as second-hand smoke. The following statistics show how tobacco is used globally and nationwide, and how smoking affects the public as a whole. Continue reading

U.S. Healthcare Spending

While the quality of healthcare in the U.S. is 37th worldwide, healthcare spending as a percentage of GDP is second only to Marshall Islands. Much of the money spent on healthcare in the U.S. is not for medications, tests or treatment, but for administrative costs. Countries that have cut healthcare administration costs spend less on healthcare, yet many have much better quality healthcare than the U.S. — thus the growth in medical tourism. Further compounding matters in the U.S. is the impending shortage of nurse practitioner careers, which is driving up their salaries. Continue reading

Medical Malpractice in America

When there is a health concern, most people are focused on healing, curing illness and restoring good health as soon as possible. However, for thousands of unlucky patients each year, a negligent medical error by a doctor or nurse practitioner will delay wellness or, in the worst cases, literally end their lives. Despite the time it takes to become a nurse practitioner, there are no guarantees that errors will not be made in the medical workplace from time to time. Continue reading

50 Must-See YouTube Videos to Improve Your Health and Happiness

One of the most important nurse practitioner duties is to help patients learn how to live healthy. For many people, though, it can be a challenge to access the information that they need to make better decisions about their health and wellness. Even more difficult is learning about how to inspire a little more happiness as part of a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that, no matter your salary, you can afford to improve your health and find a little more happiness. Here are 50 YouTube videos that can help you improve your health and your happiness: Continue reading

Top 50 Blogs Covering Swine Flu

This autumn has brought with it an re-emergence of swine flu. The H1N1 virus is a rather aggressive form of the flu that most people are not used to. With the kids back in school, and flu season already causing some problems, it is little surprise that the disease that was declared a pandemic six months ago is back in the consciousness of the nation. There is plenty of news out there with regard to swine flu, however. If you are looking for some helpful information about swine flu, you might consider these 50 blogs that have provided some coverage of swine flu: Continue reading

50 Essential Open Courseware Classes & Research Papers to Learn About HIV & AIDS

One of the major health issues facing the world — especially the developing world — continues to be HIV and AIDS. Any health practitioner needs to be aware of the current research and findings related to HIV/AIDS, and what is being done in this field. The epidemic continues to be one with dire consequences for global health, and one that needs to be addressed. Here are 50 opencourseware clases, research papers and other sources that can help you learn more about HIV and AIDS:

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50 Excellent Sources for Heart-Healthy Recipes

Did you know that 17.5 million victims each year with cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes) create the leading cause of death throughout the world? Raising awareness about heart disease is vital, including watching your weight and exercising regularly. For people who already know they have heart disease, a matter of what to eat is just as important as what medicines to take.

The following fifty Web sites provide excellent resources for heart-healthy recipes. The list is categorized with recipes from medical institutions and organizations, from food sites and from other sites concerned about heart-healthy foods. In addition, some articles with recipes also are included. The links are listed in alphabetical order within those categories to show readers that we do not favor one heart-healthy source over another.

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Top 50 Nurse Practitioner Blogs

Some of the most hardworking and dedicated people in the medical field are nurses. Nurses are there for us when we are hurt, and when we need immediate help. They have very stressful jobs that can be time consuming and inconvenient. However, many of them go in every day — and listen to us gripe. It’s no surprise that some nurses need to vent. Here are some of the top nurse practitioner blogs and Web sites that can give you helpful insight into what goes on in the life of a nurse.

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