How to Handle Your Emotions

As a nurse, it can be difficult to handle our emotions. One minute our adrenaline is surging through our bodies as we rush to save a life. Minutes later we may find ourselves in the break room, saying good-bye to a long time nursing friend and colleague.

From up to down and everything in between, how does a nurse continue in nursing without losing his or her cool? Continue reading

Three Ways to Blend the Art & Science of Nursing

Has this (or something similar) ever happened to you?

You walk into the supplies closet, staring at the rows upon rows of shelved stock. “What did I come in here for?” No clue. You’ve got to literally walk back out and retrace your steps, as a means to figure out what the heck you’re looking for. Finally it hits you: “Oh yeah! Those socks Ms. Jones asked me for 45 minutes ago.” Feeling totally overwhelmed, you go back and in and with a smile on your face present the item to the elderly woman down the hall. Continue reading

Becoming a Nurse: Remembering the Nurse Within

I didn’t really want to be a nurse. In fact, I used to curse my mother for pushing me towards an accelerated nursing program. I disliked the courses and struggled through Chemistry, Pathophysiology and Pharmacology.

While I didn’t exactly know ‘what I wanted to be when I grew up’, the four women who stood in the living room of my senior year college apartment sure filled in the blanks for me.

Even though I despised hospitals and felt totally uncomfortable around sick people, my mother, two new roommates and one of their moms (a nursing instructor at my university) planned my entire life for me that hot and humid move-in day. Continue reading

How to Be a Healthy Lifestyle Role Model at Your Workplace

As a fellow nurse, I am sure you are as aware of the fact that our profession is often in the ‘spotlight’. Our work involves daily interaction with diverse groups of people, their families and entire communities. We speak to, care for and teach others every single shift. The public looks up to nurses; as we know we continuously get voted as the most trusted profession. Continue reading

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