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Online Nurse Practitioner Programs.com Welcomes New Blogger!

Who better to blog for Online Nurse Practitioner Programs.com than a Nurse Practitioner with a Doctor of Nursing Practice? That’s right, no one. We’re thrilled to announce that starting next week, Dr. Stephen Ferrara will begin blogging for our site!

Dr. Stephen Ferrara is a practicing Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of clinical experience. He’s a senior clinical associate at a large urban hospital system in the Bronx, NY. He has experience in college, correctional and men’s health.
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Top 50 Blogs on Women’s Health

From the first signs of puberty all the way to the senior years, women’s health is a topic that half of the population deals with on a regular, and often uncomfortable, basis. As nerve racking as the stirrups women often face can be the questions that arise from many common and uncommon ailments a woman can be asked to face in her lifetime. And if your mother can’t answer them, there are few places to turn for information discretely, and even the decision between seeing a nurse practitioner or physician assistant is difficult.

To help get a better view of these problems, we have gathered the top 50 blogs on women’s health. They are authored by women just like you, researchers, doctors, nurses, and contain resources on many topics not covered in biology class or “the talk.” Continue reading

25 Best Medical Films Ever Made

Medical films tend to lean toward thrillers, comedies, dark humor or based upon true stories — such as documentaries. This list of the 25 best medical films ever made include all those genres, and includes health issues such as AIDS, cancer, mental illnesses and pregnancy. Some films feature nurses, other movies feature physicians, and they all include patients (who actually may be the medical personnel). Continue reading

“Health Nation” Renamed “Nurse Practitioner Blog”

Readers: We are doing a bit of re-branding over here at the blog. In the interest of wanting to narrow our focus and go more in depth about nursing practice and being a nurse practitioner, we have decided to rename this blog the “Nurse Practitioner Blog”. Henceforth, we will focus less on general health and more exclusively on the nurse practitioner industry. Stay tuned!

7 Nurse Practitioners Who Changed the Profession Forever

One of the most interesting careers in the medical field right now is that of nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners fill an important role. In some states they can prescribe medication and work independent of doctors. These are medical professionals that have a certain level of expertise. These are nurses who go beyond the training of registered nurse, securing advanced degrees and learning more about diagnosis and treatment.

The career choice of nurse practitioner (or NP) is relatively new. The first class was organized in 1965. However, the first degree program for NPs wasn’t developed until 1980. As the nurse practitioner career has developed over the past few decades, there are some notable nurse practitioners who have truly been influential in the field. Here are 7 nurse practitioners who have had great influence on the development of the NP movement:

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20 Useful Specialty Search Engines for Healthcare Workers

Depending upon specialty or line of work, healthcare workers can find a plethora of information on the Web that can point to resources for health care. You also may learn that more sites are blending Western and Eastern healing philosophies in an integrative approach that includes preventive care. The following 20 useful specialty search engines for healthcare workers includes search engines, directories and other search tools, all designed to provide professionals with the ultimate in research flexibility and successful results. Continue reading

Top 50 Healthcare Industry Blogs

Keeping up with what is happening in the healthcare industry can be a big job. Healthcare professionals know, though, that it is vital that they keep up with what is happening. Technology moves quickly, changing the healthcare landscape, and developments are always present in government policy.

Nearly anyone, from doctors to medical assistants to nurse practitioners, can find the information they need online. There are a number of blogs that report on the healthcare industry. These blogs can provide you with the latest news and information, and keep you in the loop. Here are 50 of the top healthcare industry blogs: Continue reading

Top 40 Forums & Message Boards for Nurse Practitioners

One of the most rewarding jobs available is that of nurse practitioner. Nurse practitioners have the opportunity to interact with patients, and to help them lead healthier lives. Nurse practitioners also have the ability to function as primary care providers, and in some states can even have their own practices. This kind of autonomy offers advantages that, for some nurse practitioners, offer opportunities not available to other nurses.

At the same time, though, the job can be demanding. Sometimes a nurse practitioner needs to be able to discuss frustrations and get advice from others who understand them. Luckily, the Internet provides a way to interact with others from around the world. Nurse practitioners can join communities and learn from other NPs from different areas, thanks to message boards and forums. If you are a nurse practitioner looking for some support or help, here are 40 forums and message boards that you might enjoy: Continue reading

Top 50 Health and Medical Blogs by Graduate Students

In order to be a nurse practitioner, you need some sort of advanced degree. Normally, this is a masters in nursing — or even a Ph.D. in nursing. Some nurse practitioners might decide to go on and complete a M.D. degree. Indeed, in the world of health care careers, there is a great deal of leeway available, and many options. As long as you take care to do what you should to meet your requirements, there is no reason why you can’t get an advanced degree in a health or medical field. Here are 50 blogs by medical and health graduate students: Continue reading

Top 50 Midwife Blogs

A midwife is a specialist who can offer care to childbearing women during pregnancy, delivery and during the postpartum period. In addition to midwives, doulas also can assist in the same process, but in a non-medical sense. Both midwives and doulas train for their positions, and some also train for pediatric or neonatal nursing. This list of the top 50 midwife blogs on the Internet offer a glance into the lives of midwives and doulas, as well as a look at the support they receive. Continue reading

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