Top 25 Greatest Medical Innovations in History

The hard-working health care professionals we have today get a lot of help from amazing medical devices. The doctors, nurses and others from more than a century ago — and especially those from more than two centuries ago — would be amazed at the things that we can do in health care today. No matter your health care specialty, you have probably benefited from medical innovations. Here are 25 of the greatest medical innovations in history:


Artificial HeartThere are a number of interesting medical devices that contribute to our ability as a society to treat different conditions and diseases. Here are some of the interesting medical devices and tools that we have access to:

  1. Artificial heart: One of the biggest accomplishments in medical history was the invention of the artificial heart. For the most part, the artificial heart is used as a bridge for transplants.
  2. Robotic catheter: A robotic catheter can be used in a number of systems, including for cardiac surgery and urology, in order to help where hands can’t go.
  3. Handheld medical scanner: This medical device can help health professionals to provide detection, as well as measure wounds. A handheld medical scanner would be portable and powerful.
  4. Bone injector dill: If you need to have medicine or some other fluid injected into your bone, a bone injector drill is the way to have it done.
  5. Antennas for medical devices: Skin antennas make use of RF communications to help medical devices work together. The connections use little power, and send signals along the skin.
  6. Dialysis machine: The artificial kidney machine has helped many awaiting kidney transplant. Dialysis helps remove toxins from the body, just as the kidneys are supposed to.
  7. Lens implants: The ability to improve vision through lens implants is one of the great medical innovations.
  8. Artificial joints: The ability to replace joints can be helpful in a number of years. Artificial joints, such as for hips and knees, represent huge medical innovation and advancement. It increases quality of life, as well as helps prevent falls that can be painful and debilitating.


ECGAdvances in medical technology allow us to have access to a number of advantages that help increase the ability to diagnose and treat conditions.

  1. Electrocardiography: The use of electricity to learn about the heart has led to a number of advancements in cardiac-related treatment. Since the heart has electrical current, using this technology makes since when it comes to monitoring.
  2. X-ray: The ability to see inside the body is an amazing technology that makes it possible for increased diagnosis. We have advanced from original x-ray technology to levels of increased accuracy and ability.
  3. Nano healing: Nanotechnology offers a number of interesting opportunities. And now, new nanomaterials can be used to stop bleeding.
  4. Electronic health records: Increasing patient access to medical history, electronic health records represent a great innovation in medical technology. Less error, and the ability of doctors to access patient information, is a great help.
  5. Laser surgery: The use of lasers in surgery and for other procedures has reduced invasiveness as well as reducing healing time. Eye surgery has especially benefited.
  6. MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging makes use of different technology than x-rays to see inside the body. Magnetism and radio waves are used, instead of harmful x-rays. It’s a way of seeing what’s inside, without doing as much damage.
  7. Ultrasound: The use of ulstrasound technology has been very beneficial. Not only can it be used to help assess fetal development, bu ultrasound can be used to diagnose and monitor a number of conditions.
  8. Mammography: Improving the ability to detect cancer and other issues, a mammogram is technology that is helpful. By taking pictures from different angles and creating a coherent image, it is possible to look for lumps in fatty tissue that could otherwise be difficult to distinguish.
  9. Organ transplant: The ability to transplant organs is one of the greatest medical innovations. It allows people to get a new lease on life through the help of healthy organs. Advances in preservation and transport have only added to the way that organs are transplanted.


PenicillinNo matter how you feel about the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to note that some of the best medical innovations have been in the area of drug treatments and therapies.

  1. Penicillin: One of the biggest medical innovations was the development of drugs from a certain kind of mold. While it probably won’t cure STDs, as the advertisement claims, Penicillin has led to a great man advancements in antibiotics.
  2. Insulin: The discovery of insulin, and use to treat diabetes, is one of the great medical innovations out there. Being able to create it and administer it to control diabetes has saved thousands of lives.
  3. Aspirin: Hippocrates left notes of using willow bark to treat pain, but it wasn’t until the 19th Century that we ended up with Aspirin, which isolated the ingredient in willow bark that made it so potent.
  4. Oral contraceptives: “The Pill” made it possible for easy birth control (as long as you remembered to take it). It has provided a way to avoid unplanned pregnancies, as well as offered other health benefits. The Pill led to other contraceptives, including the patch.
  5. Vaccination: Prior to the discovery of the ability to vaccinate against certain diseases, millions died from conditions we consider preventable. Polio, malaria, small pox and tuberculosis are among the diseases almost eradicated in the developed world thanks to vaccination.
  6. Statins: The development of statins to help control cholesterol is an important innovation, helping to reduce heart disease and other problems related to high cholesterol.
  7. Smart pill: Smart pills are designed to be tracked, and then deliver the proper medicine to a targeted place in the body — wherever it is needed. This pharmacological advancement is truly a medical innovation.
  8. Viagra: Named as one of the great medical breakthroughs on a survey in 2001, Medscape reported that Sildenafil (Viagra) is considered a great innovation. This is because it has helped alleviate a medical condition while improving quality of life for thousands of men (and women) around the world.
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