50 Must-See YouTube Videos to Improve Your Health and Happiness

One of the most important nurse practitioner duties is to help patients learn how to live healthy. For many people, though, it can be a challenge to access the information that they need to make better decisions about their health and wellness. Even more difficult is learning about how to inspire a little more happiness as part of a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that, no matter your salary, you can afford to improve your health and find a little more happiness. Here are 50 YouTube videos that can help you improve your health and your happiness:


Proper nutrition is one of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, food can have an impact on our moods and happiness. When you eat right, you will have better health, and increased feelings of well-being.Vegetables for health

  1. Top 10 Worst Foods: This video from Nutrition by Natalie tackles the worst foods you can eat. Avoid these foods and improve your health.
  2. 7 Nutrition Fundamentals for Losing Fat: Dr. Clay provides some of the nutrition fundamentals you need to observe in order to reduce your body fat.
  3. Nutrition & Behavior: This is a fascinating lecture that includes a look at nutrition and how it affects behavior and mental health.
  4. Japan vs. USA Diet: Get information on what makes a Japanese diet so healthy.
  5. Top Antioxidant Foods: Learn more about foods that are high in healthy antioxidants.
  6. 5 Diet and Nutrition Tips: Get some good health and nutrition tips for better dieting and better nutrition in general.
  7. How to Follow a Health Diet by Reading Nutrition Labels: A helpful look at how to read a nutrition label so that you make better food decisions.
  8. “Health Food” vs. Healthy Food — How to read labels: Learn about how “health foods” make their claims. Learn to make better choices for truly healthy food.
  9. Carbohydrates & You: Get the real story on carbohydrates, and how they work in your body and how they affect your nutrition.
  10. Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen: Watch how to make a delicious — and healthy — apple pie without cooking anything.


Aerobic exercise offers a number of health benefits. You get into better shape, improve your health, and can even boost your overall happiness and energy level with aerobic exercise.Aerobic exercise

  1. Specific Low Impact Aerobic Exercises: Creating a low impact exercise routine.
  2. Specific High Impact Aerobic Exercises: Learn some basic high impact exercises.
  3. 10 Minute Cardio Jump Start Workout: Go through this great aerobic workout for increased health and calorie burning.
  4. How to Do Ab Crunches for Aerobic Exercise: Learn some ab exercises you can do in conjunction with aerobics.
  5. How to do Turn Steps for Aerobic Exercise: Step by step look at how you can do turn steps to add variety to your step workout.
  6. Dance Dance Dance Fitness: A fun dance aerobics workout.
  7. Arabic Belly Dance Basic Moves:  Learn belly dance moves for fitness and an aerobic workout.
  8. 10-Minute Cardio Kickboxing Workout: Enjoy a quick kickboxing workout for increased health and calorie burning.
  9. How to Pole Dance for Fitness: Boost Your Upper Body Workout in Pole Dancing: Learn how to use pole dancing as a fun and innovative way to work out.
  10. Aerobic Fat burning zone myth and true fat burning exercise: Get some information about how exercise burns fat. Learn about the myths behind some aerobic exercise.

Strength and Resistance Workouts

Part of overall health and fitness is adding strength and resistance exercises to your regimen. This also includes toning exercises. Here are some videos showing you how to keep your muscles strong.resistance training

  1. Strength Training at Home: A great video focusing on exercises you can do around the house to condition your body.
  2. Resistance Band Workout: Use a resistance band to increase strength easily.
  3. Exercise Ball & Resistance Band Workout: Use two basic pieces of equipment to create a workout for your whole body.
  4. Advanced Resistance Workout: This is a more advanced workout based on using a band.
  5. Shoulder Bridge Exercise for Core Muscle Toning & Strength: Learn this great exercise designed to strengthen your core.
  6. The Evolution of Abs Exercises and Core Workouts: Stabilization and resistance exercises for your abs.
  7. Body Conditioning: Create a conditioning workout using a variety of exercises. For some, you may need access to a gym.
  8. Seated Upper Body Strength Exercises: You can actually condition your body while sitting. This video shows you how.
  9. Lower Body Workout: Strengthen your hips, glutes and thighs.
  10. Strength Training: This is a workout designed for strength training, requiring dumbbells.

Mind/Body Exercises

There are a number of health benefits associated with engaging in mind/body exercises like yoga, tai chi, and even pilates. These exercises provide beneficial stretching exercises that promote flexibility, and they also provide strengthening benefits. The mindfulness component can boost mood and reduce stress, providing some help with happiness and self esteem.Tai Chi

  1. Best Beginner Kundalini Yoga Exercises: Learn some basic Kundalini exercises for beginners.
  2. Yoga Exercises to Burn Fat and Lose Weight: You can actually use yoga to burn fat and lose weight.
  3. How to Do Yoga Combo Exercises: Learn some good yoga exercises to integrate into your cardio workout.
  4. Prenatal Yoga Flow Pregnancy Fitness Sequence: Learn some yoga moves you can do if you are pregnant.
  5. Tai Chi Chuan 24 Steps Beginngers Lesson: Learn how to do some basic tai chi moves and sequences for control, exercise and mindfulness.
  6. Scott Cole’s Discover Tai Chi: Weight Loss Workout: Dynamic tai chi workout for calorie burning.
  7. Kabbalah Tai Chi Workout: This is a very interesting combination of traditions for a good workout.
  8. Beginner Pilates Workout: Learn the basics of pilates and how to do the exercises.
  9. Bonnies Workout Pilates Routine Total Body: A total body workout using pilates.
  10. POP Pilates: Core Abs Workout: Get a good workout for your core.

Meditation and Relaxation

There are definite health benefits associated with meditation. Additionally, if you find time for relaxation, you can reduce stress and anxiety and enhance your mood.Meditation

  1. Simple Meditation Techniques: Proper Breathing in Meditation: Learn how to breath properly during meditation practice.
  2. Simple Meditation Techniques, and Lifestyle Tips: Learn some basic meditation techniques and tips for better lifestyle.
  3. Advanced Meditation Techniques Microcosmic Orbit: Learn an advanced meditation technique.
  4. A Simple Meditation Technique with Breathwork and Movement: Learn meditative process that involves small movement.
  5. Chakra Meditation: Follow along with this nine minute meditation designed to help you focus and relax.
  6. Morning Chakra Meditation: Start your day out right with this 10 minute morning meditation.
  7. Breathing Relaxation Exercises: Learn some breathing techniques to help relax anywhere.
  8. Spinal Twists-Lower Back Exercises & Relaxation Techniques for Stress: Learn how to relieve stress with this simple exercises.
  9. 5 Relaxation Techniques to Relax Your Mind in Minutes!: Learn techniques to help you relax so that you can sleep better.
  10. “Sea of Tranquility” Relaxation Video: Use this video to help you relax.
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