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Some of the most hardworking and dedicated people in the medical field are nurses. Nurses are there for us when we are hurt, and when we need immediate help. They have very stressful jobs that can be time consuming and inconvenient. However, many of them go in every day — and listen to us gripe. It’s no surprise that some nurses need to vent. Here are some of the top nurse practitioner blogs and Web sites that can give you helpful insight into what goes on in the life of a nurse.

General Nurse Practitioner Blogs

A nurse practitioner is someone who has gone above and beyond regular nursing requirements. These folks have completed advanced nursing education, and are trained in diagnosis of medical conditions, as well as management of some of these issues.

  1. No Place for Old NPs: Learn about what it’s like to be a nurse practitioner in the Southwest. Also includes interesting stories and information about (anonymous) patients.
  2. The Beast…: This is a heart-rending tale of a nurse practitioner’s journey with her husband, who has a rare cancer. It’s an interesting read, and one that comes from an interesting conjunction of “regular” and “medical”.
  3. DukeNP99: Follow the exploits of a family nurse practitioner. An interesting look at life and medicine.
  4. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place: Offers great insight into what’s its like to be a nurse practitioner. Includes policy positions and other health care related subjects.
  5. A Nurse Practitioner’s View: Learn about the politics of health care, and get one nurse practitioner’s ideas of how things should be done.
  6. The Nervewracking Nurse Practitioner: Another blog devoted to considering the politics of health care.
  7. New NP: A firsthand account of what it’s like to be a new nurse practitioner. Interesting accounts of the profession and the lifestyle.
  8. Bailey Blog: This nurse practitioner offers a glimpse into life as a practitioner trying to balance life, family and work.
  9. HospiceNP: Hospice nurses provide a great deal of comfort. Follow the life one hospice nurse practitioner.
  10. A GrumpyRN: This nurse practitioner has been in the health care industry for 25 years. An interesting look at life in Britain’s NHS.
  11. Jennosaurus Rex: This nursing student is working on a degree and thinking about specializing. Great insight into the road to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Nursing Blogs

There are some great nursing blogs out there written by folks that may not be “official” nurse practitioners. These nurses still have a great deal of insight, and have many qualifications through their training and experiences. And some of the below are nurse practitioners, or on their way to becoming such.

  1. Warrior Mom: This family nurse practitioner writes about her life as a mom, and a nursing teacher.
  2. NeoNurseChic: Even though updates on this blog are sporadic, the NeoNurse’s take on current events related to medicine and health care are worth reading.
  3. Nurse Pickle: Learn about life for some who has only been a nurse for a short time.
  4. Drug Pusher: Get the rantings of an ER nurse who sees more than anyone’s fair share of heroin addicts.
  5. Head Nurse: This blog is a bit irreverent and deals with the issues associated with health care and dealing with other professionals.
  6. The Makings of a Nurse: Learn what it is like to strive to become a nurse, and get insight on what nursing should be all about.
  7. March of the Platypi: An interesting blog with patient stories and nurse insights.
  8. Just Up the Dose: The adventures of a medical intern in South Africa, doing community service and working in the nursing field.
  9. The Magical Mystery Land of Community Health: This nurse changes names to protect the guilty, and shares their crazy stories.
  10. Running a Hospital: This is an interesting blog about hospital management and how things work from the CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Nursing and Medical Industry News Blogs

There is always a lot going on in the medical field. You can keep up to date by checking in with a variety of nursing and other medical industry news blogs.

  1. Get an interesting look at issues in today’s medical news. Tackles nurse practitioner issues from a number of sides.
  2. The Journal for Nurse Practitioners: Get news, debate and the latest health information.
  3. Dear Nurses: Stay up to date on the latest happenings in the field of nursing, and get some helpful tips.
  4. Clinical Cases and Images: An interesting blog that provides images and information facts and news related to medicine.
  5. Nursing Law & Order: A great way to learn about current legal issues in nursing and the news.
  6. What’s New in Nursing: This blog aggregates some of the best news posts from around the Internet to help you stay on top of things.
  7. Off the Charts: Commentary on the medical and nursing news of the day.
  8. Nursing Research: Show me the evidence: Learn about the latest in nursing research, and how to apply it in your practice.
  9. Resources for Nurses and Families: This blog offers a great many news and information resources to help keep you up to date.
  10. The MedFriendly Blog: This blog is written by a neuropsychologist and offers helpful information that can benefit nurses and nurse practitioners.

Nurse Practitioner Career Blogs

Keeping up with your career is important in any profession. There are a number of great blogs that can help you chart your career path as a nurse practitioner.

  1. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog: This nurse practitioner has some helpful advice and information for business owners.
  2. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Jobs: Get a little direction in your job search if you are a pediatric nurse practitioner.
  3. NP Central: Related to all things having to do with a nurse practitioner career.
  4. NP Freebies: Get downloadable nurse practitioner templates to aid you as you run your own business.
  5. Career Transitions and Other Nurse Topics: While this site includes other nursing related topics, the main thrust is career transitions.
  6. Nursing Jobs and Gossip in the Workplace: A look at the life of a career nurse. Deals with workplace issues.
  7. Nurse Leads: Get helpful hints and leads for your next job.
  8. Nursing Job A Day: Get a daily dose of what’s available in nursing jobs to help boost your career.
  9. Nursing Jobs Plus: Find job leads and post your resume.
  10. Nursing Career Blog: Get helpful insight into what you can do to improve your career.
  11. I Love Travel Nursing: Learn more about how you can be a travel nurse and make money as a nurse while seeing the world.
  12. Health Careers: This blog from provides helpful hints for health care professionals, including nurse practitioners.

Nursing Forums and Community Blogs

Become more involved. Join a nursing community or blog and participate actively in discussions and help others find the answers they are looking for.

  1. The Nursing Site Blog: Information and insight from a variety of nurses on today’s issues.
  2. This community forum features blog posts from different nurses, discussions, and the ability to connect with other nurse practitioners.
  3. Nursing Dynamics and Clinical Issues: Keep track of others, and find support and help for issues you might be facing.
  4. Forums: Ask questions, get answers and share your wisdom.
  5. Nurse Forum: This community from NurseTV offers helpful insights and a place where you can find support and career resources.
  6. Healthcare POV: Get a look at health care issues that are big right now, and weigh in with your own opinion.
  7. Message Boards and Blogs: This is from Nurse Zone, and provides you wil a variety of nurse practitioner blogs and conversations.
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