Top 50 Blogs Covering Swine Flu

This autumn has brought with it an re-emergence of swine flu. The H1N1 virus is a rather aggressive form of the flu that most people are not used to. With the kids back in school, and flu season already causing some problems, it is little surprise that the disease that was declared a pandemic six months ago is back in the consciousness of the nation. There is plenty of news out there with regard to swine flu, however. If you are looking for some helpful information about swine flu, you might consider these 50 blogs that have provided some coverage of swine flu:

Swine Flu Information and Guides

12223436_af16ba5c0bInformation pages and guides can help you get a good overall feel for swine flu and what to expect. Here are some blogs that can provide you with reliable information on the H1N1 virus.

  1. Cold & Flu on provides a complete guide to swine flu.
  2. Swine Flu Overview from WebMD offers a great picture of swine flu, and includes treatments and other helpful information.
  3.‘s blog offers a parental guide to H1N1 that can help you protect your children.
  4. Discovery Channel has a great inside guide video presentation on the swine flu.
  5. Pune Mate offers an illustrated online swine flu guide.
  6. Centers for Disease Control give you the information the government is offering on the swine flu. Includes updates, links, symptoms and more.
  7. CNN has also put together a parental guide for swine flu on its Health blog.
  8.‘s blog put up a swin flu guide for ministries to use as they continue the work of spreading Christianity.
  9. The ChamberPost provides access to a guide about H1N1 and how businesses can prepare for it.
  10. Scientific American has its own guide to swine flu on its blog, including a 60-second video look at the swine flu vaccine.
  11. Career Woman, Inc. offers a guide to how you can prepare your small business for swine flu.

News Coverage of the H1N1 Virus

See which blogs have been providing news coverage of the latest H1N1 outbreak, and keep updated on further developments.

  1. Google Maps Mania offers the latest version of a swine flu outbreak map, helping you keep up with what’s going on with the spread of swine flu.
  2. The Huffington Post has a large number of news type articles covering swine flu.
  3. Health News Blog has been covering the H1N1 virus and its progress, and has some great resources and news items about the swine flu.
  4. NHS Blog Doctor has some information on swine flu, including how the mainstream media has been covering the outbreaks.
  5. Nature News has a number of special stories and news coverage of the swine flu, including a timeline and the latest headlines.
  6. ScienceInsider looks at some of the latest news with regard to the swine flu and issues related to combating it.
  7. Balanced News Blog offers coverage of swine flu, including a story about president Barack Obama declaring H1N1 a national emergency.
  8. Threshing Grain looks at some of the coverage of swine flu, and some of the issues that worry parents about H1N1.
  9. Mommy Poppins provides a number of news stories and other information on the H1N1 virus.
  10. NPR‘s blog has some news stories on swine flu, and different information about what you can do about it.
  11. MSNBC offers swine flu news coverage that can help get a handle on things.
  12. Fox News helps you keep track of the latest happenings with swine flu, and helps you find helpful information.

Swine Flu FAQs

Many people have questions about swine flu. The good news is that there are some reliable FAQs that can help you find answers to your questions quickly and easily.

  1. Mayo Clinic has a blog, and that blog includes some helpful swine flu FAQs that can help you get answers to your questions. There is even a video.
  2. Consumer Reports has a health blog that offers a great FAQ on who should get the swine flu vaccine.
  3. Healthy Living addresses a number of frequently asked questions related to swine flu, and the swine flu vaccine.
  4. Noteshow has a swine flu FAQ post that can help you figure out some of the basics.
  5. Patient Empowerment from offers a very helpful FAQ that is easily organized and can help you learn about H1N1.
  6. The New York Times blog offers a great video that answers some of the frequently asked questions about the H1N1 virus.
  7. World Health Organization provides helpful information on the H1N1 virus, and how you can prepare for it.
  8. Minute Clinic offers some easy to navigate answers to the most common questions about swine flu.

Protection from Swine Flu

Learn how to protect yourself from swine flu. There are some measures you can take, and these blogs will help you learn what they are.

  1. The Smart Woman’s Guide Blog offers some helpful information on the swine flu vaccine, and how it relates to the seasonal flu vaccine.
  2. provides a “survival guide” for the H1N1 virus that can help you figure out what to do in order to protect yourself from swine flu.
  3. On Women from U.S. News and World Report is a blog about women’s issues, and it addresses how pregnant women can protect themselves from swine flu.
  4. offers a look at how you can do your part to prevent swine flu in schools.
  5. National School Boards Association blog offers helpful information on protection against swine flu during the school year.
  6. Testing It Up has a list of tips that can help breastfeeding and pregnant women protect themselves and their babies from swine flu.
  7. Politicol News offers a look at general protection against the swine flu virus and steps you can take.
  8. Trends Updates looks at some of the things you need to know in order to protect yourself from swine flu.
  9. Kevin MD offers a great inside look at the swine flu vaccine vs. the seasonal flu vaccine. Hint: you need the swine flu vaccine — the seasonal flu vaccine isn’t going to cut it.
  10. Walyou has an interesting look at fun and fashionable surgical masks that can help protect you from the H1N1 virus.
  11. Six Until Me shares her own story about fighting to get the swine flu vaccine.

Swine Flu Myths

As with all diseases and health concerns, there are a number of myths circulating about the H1N1 virus. These blogs can help you debunk those.

  1. National Geographic‘s blog debunks common swine flu myths.
  2. MSN Health offers some of the top myths associated with swine flu, and helps you get your facts straight.
  3. Bad Astronomy from Discover offers a great video of busting swine flu myths.
  4. ABC News looks at some of the swine flu myths you might encounter, and then debunks them.
  5. Newsday‘s blog looks at some of the myths surrounding swine flu, and counters them with the facts.
  6. New Scientist takes a look at eight swine flu myths that could prove a danger to your health.
  7. Times Now offers a great video on swine flu myths and facts.
  8. Mobile Reviews, News and Tips provides a helpful look at myths that could make you susceptible to complications from swine flu.
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