iPhone Apps to Help You Be Dr. Mom

Most times your kids fall sick and you rush to the hospital without a clue of what they may be suffering from. Not being able to know what they are going through can worry you a lot. They could be just suffering from gas but you have no idea of what is going on. You need to get iPhone applications that will turn you to Dr. Mom. There are hundreds of applications available with all sorts of information that you will find useful. Here are some of the applications that you will find useful in dealing with the kid’s health and fitness. They can be a lifesaver in case of an emergency.

Quick Pharmacy
This application will provide you with information concerning different drugs, their prescriptions, dosage guidelines, symptoms and the likely side effects of the drugs. You can use this application to view the usually dosages and directions for the use of thousands of treatment drugs. This application is useful when you buy medication for your sick child and you need to find out how you should give it to them.

The Symptom Navigator
This helps you to match symptoms with their treatments. It uses an image of the human body to offer possible causes of the symptoms and their treatment methods. It also tells you whether the situation is serious and you need to call a doctor immediately. This can be useful when you are traveling and your kid falls sick along the way. It may be hours to a hospital, you can use this application to match the kid’s symptoms with any prescription drugs that you can get from the nearest pharmacy.

The Pocket First Aid Guide
This is a custom-designed first aid guide. It will assist you to treat almost anything such as bee stings, bruises, burns, eye injuries etc.  They may get involved in many accidents while playing out with their friends. Naturally, kids like to play and explore and it is quite difficult to prevent them from doing so; furthermore it is through play and interactions with others that they learn and grow. This guide will help you treat the injuries that may occur to them in the course of play.

You can use this application to analyze and plan your kid’s diets. You can find nutrition guidelines, track the kid’s body fat, lean muscle percentage and bone density. There is a display feature on the nutrient chart that shows how proteins, fats, carbohydrates add to your kids calories. This application will be useful in maintaining your kids’ fitness and health by keeping a proper exercise and food program

The iPhone Emergency Card
You can use this application to store the kid’s health records, contact records of family members, hospitals and other information. This information may include the kid’s allergies, blood type, side effects etc. This will help you maintain a good, clear record of your kid’s health information that could prove useful incase somebody else is left to take care of your kids and an emergency occurs.

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