50 Excellent Sources for Heart-Healthy Recipes

Did you know that 17.5 million victims each year with cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks and strokes) create the leading cause of death throughout the world? Raising awareness about heart disease is vital, including watching your weight and exercising regularly. For people who already know they have heart disease, a matter of what to eat is just as important as what medicines to take.

The following fifty Web sites provide excellent resources for heart-healthy recipes. The list is categorized with recipes from medical institutions and organizations, from food sites and from other sites concerned about heart-healthy foods. In addition, some articles with recipes also are included. The links are listed in alphabetical order within those categories to show readers that we do not favor one heart-healthy source over another.

Medical Focus

  1. American Heart Association: Search recipes by keyword or conduct and advanced search to customize results. You also can search for recipes by category, main ingredient, cooking method and more.
  2. Cardiology Associates: Learn more about heart-healthy main dishes, sides, desserts, salads and more from this heart-focused group based in Mobile, Alabama.
  3. Cleveland Clinic: Enjoy healthy recipes from the Miller Family Heart & Vascular Institute in Cleveland, Ohio.
  4. Healthy Aging: Sponsored by the Southeast Texas Regional Planning Commission and prepared by Joseph Smith, Food Service Coordinator at Christus St. Elizabeth Healthy Options Cafe, this site carries some mouth-watering heart-healthy recipes.
  5. Heart Healthy Home Cooking, African American Style [PDF]: This topical heart-healthy eBook is presented by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  6. Mayo Clinic: From appetizers and beverages to side dish and soup recipes, this page at the Mayo Clinic offers over 100 heart-healthy ideas.
  7. ProHealth Care: ProHealth Care is a regional critical and primary care provider, but they offer some heart-healthy recipes to anyone who visits their site.
  8. Providence Health & Services: This medical center serves the Portland, Oregon area, but their hearty-healthy recipes are available to anyone.
  9. Saint Thomas Heart: This facility not only offers online recipes and cookbooks that promote heart health, they also present heart healthy cooking demonstrations and tastings for locals.
  10. St. Vincent Heart Center: Learn more about making lifestyle changes for better heart health and check out some tasty heart-healthy recipes at this site.
  11. Swedish Medical Center: Located in Seattle, Washington, this site offers a search engine for their heart-healthy recipes for anyone. Enter a food to find a recipe or select a food category from the menu.
  12. The Healthy Fridge: This site is part of a national consumer-awareness campaign about heart-healthy eating. They include recipes for adults and for kids.
  13. The Heart Truth for Women: These recipes were specially developed by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). This is a taste of what you can discover in their “Keeping the Beat” book about heart-healthy eating [PDF].
  14. University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics: This resource offers a week filled with low-cholesterol, low-fat, no-added-salt menu ideas, which all are great for your heart.
  15. University of Rochester Medical Center: Take note of this list of recipes, which are offered to cardiac rehabilitation patients at this health center.
  16. UW Health: The University of Wisconsin Health Sciences offers this “Go Red for Women” site filled with heart-healthy food choices and recipes.
  17. Washington Hospital Center: Try some of these heart-healthy recipes, including Gazpacho and a Rainbow Fruit Salad.

Food Sites

  1. Eating Well: This site maintains a “Heart Healthy Diet Center” that focuses on recipes and snack ideas. They also have a 28-day meal plan.
  2. Food & Wine: This link takes you to the healthy section of Food & Wine, where you can learn more about healthy eating from world-famous chefs.
  3. Food Network’s Healthy Eating: This category within the Food Network looks at healthy fast foods, low-carb or low-fat recipes, vegetarian dishes and more.
  4. FoodFit: Use this site to learn more about healthy eating, healthy cooking and delicious menu plans that could save time, money and your health.
  5. FoodieView: Use this search engine to discover new recipes from across the Web. Search by ingredient, dish, cuisine and more to find ideas at places such as Recipe Zaar and AllRecipes.com.
  6. Epicurious’ Heart-Healthy Recipes: Heart-healthy food doesn’t need to look drab – go for such dishes as the Asian Spinach Salad with Orange and Avocado to whet your appetite.
  7. Healthy Cooking: This site carries low-fat and vegetarian recipes as well as healthy-heart recipes. They also carry articles on various health needs.
  8. Healthy Online Recipes: This entire site is devoted to heart-healthy recipes (including a cold raspberry souffle!).
  9. My Recipes: You can find a month’s worth of heart-healthy recipes in this section of My Recipes.
  10. Recipe: Visit this section of Recipe’s Web site to learn more about heart-healthy recipes for lunches, dinners and desserts.
  11. Spectrum’s Healthy Kitchen: Spectrum, which produces organic products and that now is part of The Hain Celestial Group, offers a database filled with recipes and menu ideas. Search by course, ingredient or by special diet.
  12. Taste Book: If you want some quick recipes, Taste Book carries a list of 30-minute heart-healthy ideas.

Other Sites

  1. About’s Heart Healthy Recipes: These recipes are low in cholesterol, and include lunch, low-fat desserts and links to many more About pages filled with great heart-loving ideas for menus.
  2. Alive: This is the online version of Canada’s magazine focused on health and wellness. If you are craving Sesame Lime Soba Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms and Snow Peas, go to this site now.
  3. Bed and Breakfast: Sample some heart-healthy recipes served at some bed and breakfast inns throughout the country. While breakfast is a focus, you also can find some side dishes and two fritatta recipes.
  4. Better Homes and Gardens’ Heart-Healthy Living: Use this portion of this online magazine’s site to learn more about how to create heart-healthy dishes and meal plans.
  5. Everyday Health: This site’s healthy living center provides recipes that are heart friendly and easy to make.
  6. Flora’s Heart Healthy Recipes: Best known for its butter alternatives, this company offers some ideas for recipes that will appeal to people on the go and for entire families.
  7. Ladies’ Home Journal Healthy Recipes: Learn about healthy diet basics and try low fat, heart-healthy recipes that are easy to make.
  8. Reader’s Digest’s Heart-Healthy Recipes: This section of the Reader’s Digest Web site contains recipes that are low in sodium and that include ingredients that reduce cholesterol and improve heart health.
  9. RealAge: Live life to the youngest with this site’s delicious heart-healthy recipes that will appeal to your heart, belly and taste buds.
  10. Revolution Health’s Heart Healthy Recipes: From appetizers to main dishes and desserts, this page carries over 100 recipes that will help fill that heart-healthy menu.
  11. Smart Heart Living: A person who is recovering from heart disease offers an entire site filled with hints, tips, ideas and yummy recipes.
  12. Zorba Paster: This Wisconsin Public Radio personality maintains a page filled with heart-healthy recipes for anyone to use.


  1. 10 Tips for Fixing Heart Healthy Recipes: This is an easy-to-read article that provides easy tips on switching to a heart-healthy food plan.
  2. Heart-Healthy Spring Recipes: You can use Good Housekeeping’s recipes all year round – the focus here really is on how to eat meat and still eat healthy.
  3. Healthy Recipes: HelpGuide provides an article that explains why healthy eating is good for your heart. Recipes included.
  4. Heart Healthy Bread Machine Recipes: This Organized Wisdom article offers ideas to help reduce the danger lurking in unhealthy bread choices.
  5. Heart Healthy Recipes: Hosted by Redding Crave.com and sponsored by Healthy Shasta, this page lists a variety of heart-healthy ideas.
  6. iVillage Heart-Healthy Recipes: Click through the eight images for about three-five recipes per image. You’ll start with salmon and tuna ideas and end with a few ideas about what to do with that red wine.
  7. Lowfat recipes for heart health: Self online magazine offers low-fat recipes that include burgers, cheesecake and all those other foods that you’ve come to love (but that have hurt your health).
  8. Spring Heart-Healthy Recipes: About Olive Oil offers a list of heart-healthy recipes, including a recipe for Minted Citrus Tea Cookies.
  9. Woman’s Day: This online version of Woman’s Day Magazine offers ten “tasty” heart-healthy recipes to try.
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