50 Essential Open Courseware Classes & Research Papers to Learn About HIV & AIDS

One of the major health issues facing the world — especially the developing world — continues to be HIV and AIDS. Any health practitioner needs to be aware of the current research and findings related to HIV/AIDS, and what is being done in this field. The epidemic continues to be one with dire consequences for global health, and one that needs to be addressed. Here are 50 opencourseware clases, research papers and other sources that can help you learn more about HIV and AIDS:

HIV & AIDS Open Courseware

343px-World_Aids_Day_Ribbon.svgIf you are interested in becoming better acquainted with the way that HIV/AIDS progresses through the body, and what is being done about the AIDS epidemic right now, you can take free or very low-cost classes online. Open courseware provides an excellent way for you to expand your horizons and learn something new and useful about HIV and AIDS.

  1. HIV/AIDS: This information from Johns Hopkins University provides you with lectures and assignments related to HIV and AIDS, as well as addressing issues related to human rights and sexual health.
  2. Sexual Health, HIV/STI, and Human Rights: Johns Hopkins University offers an interesting approach to studying HIV and other sexually transmitted illnesses.
  3. AIDS and Poverty in Africa: This course is offered by MIT and takes a look at the AIDS epidemic and how it is related to poverty in Africa.
  4. HIV and AIDS audit: This collection of information, lectures and more from the University of the Western Cape in South Africa is very interesting and insightful.
  5. Biography of the AIDS Epidemic: Creating an Oral-History Project: This interesting open courseware project from Columbia University follows the development of AIDS.
  6. HIV/AIDS: This is an overview of HIV and AIDS, and the progress being made to manage the condition. This course is available for $12.95 from Western Schools.
  7. Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases: This open courseware from Harvard’s medical school features different immune diseases, and includes case studies on HIV.
  8. Contagious Diseases: There is little doubt that HIV/AIDS is contagious. And it is one of the diseases covered in this Connexions open courseware class.
  9. Infectious Diseases: This in another Tufts University offering. It goes into greater detail about AIDS.
  10. Oral Public Health: Slide Lecture 3: Issues and Hot Topics in Oral and Public Health: While all types of oral health issues are addressed in this slide lecture from Tufts University, it is worth noting that some time is devoted to HIV/AIDS.
  11. Introduction to Technical Communication: Perspectives on Medicine and Public Health: An offering from MIT, this courseware class allows you to read what physicians have to say about HIV and AIDS, as well as other subjects.
  12. General Immunology: This course from Southern Illinois University looks at the immune system. It also includes information on diseases, like HIV/AIDS, that attack the immune system.
  13. Immune Evasion: How Sneaky Pathogens Avoid Host Surveillance: While not about HIV and AIDS, this course from MIT is nevertheless helpful in learning about the immune system, a section of the the body that HIV/AIDS attacks.
  14. Microbiology: Look at the way the human body works on a cellular level. This course from Tufts University is helpful in understanding how different diseases attack the body.

Research Papers and Findings on HIV & AIDS

There are a number of research papers and findings on HIV/AIDS every year. Here are some places to start if you are interested in learning about the latest related to HIV and AIDS.

  1. Vulnerability and opportunity: adolescents and HIV/AIDS in the developing world: An interesting look at young adults and others in the developing world and how HIV and AIDS affects them. Available for free, as long as you order it for email delivery through Popline.
  2. Psychological interventions to prevent HIV infection are urgently needed: New priorities for behavioral research in the second decade of AIDS: A look at what is happening as the AIDS epidemic continues. Available for $11.95 from American Psychologist.
  3. Bridging the gap: addressing gender and sexuality in HIV prevention: Another helpful offering through Popline. This one is about looking at gender and sexuality in terms of the AIDS epidemic.
  4. Translating HIV/AIDS research findings into policy: An interesting paper, available in free full text, from the Health Policy and Planning journal at Oxford. A look at how research findings on HIV and AIDS can be used to set policy.
  5. Utilization of research findings for HIV/AIDS interventions targeted at women: A look at ways that research findings can be used to help women avoid becoming victims of HIV/AIDS.
  6. IFJ research findings on reporting HIV/AIDS in six countries in Africa and Asia: An interesting look at the way journalist cover HIV and AIDS.
  7. Child Health Topics: This site contains a number of papers and information on child health topics — including several on HIV and AIDS, including antiretroviral resistance, HIV parents and more issues related to children and HIV.
  8. Women’s Property Rights, HIV and AIDS, and Domestic Violence: Research Finds from Two Rural Districts in South Africa and Uganda: A look at how HIV/AIDS plays a role in gender dynamics and society in Africa.
  9. HIV/AIDS White Papers: Read about attempts to win the battle against HIV, as well as some of the helpful treatments to manage the disease.
  10. Women and HIV/AIDS: A white paper on the interplay between gender and HIV/AIDS.
  11. The Full Cost of HIV/AIDS Treatment: Access to Medicine: This white paper addresses the costs associated with HIV/AIDS treatment, especially as related to access to medicine to treat the condition.
  12. The Minority AIDS Initiative: Meeting the Challenges in Communities of Color Nationwide: Addresses the issues in addressing HIV and AIDS in non-white communities.
  13. The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Public Sector Human Resources in Africa: This paper looks at how HIV and AIDS can make things difficult for public sector service.

Web Sites Focusing on HIV & AIDS Information

There are some web sites that offer access to a number of informational white papers, research findings and other resources related to HIV/AIDS. Here are some places where you can go to find a number of different sources of information on HIV and AIDS.

  1. AIDSinfo: This is a resource from the National Institutes of Health.
  2. HIV/AIDS: This is a page from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, containing papers, research and news about HIV/AIDS.
  3. HIV/AIDS: This is a research and information resource page from the Kaiser Family Foundation.
  4. HIV/AIDS Programs: Learn more about HIV and AIDS and the kinds of programs available for treatment from the Department of Health and Human Services.
  5. Global Media AIDS Initiative: Helpful research papers, news items and other information about AIDS on a global scale.
  6. Aegis: Provides news, information and research about AIDS and HIV.
  7. HIV and AIDS: Eldis offers research papers, findings and news about the development, treatment and spread of HIV/AIDS.
  8. National HIV and STD Testing Resources: Get research information on HIV/AIDS, as well as information on testing for HIV.
  9. Children and HIV and AIDS: This page from UNICEF offers research findings, news and resources related to children affected by HIV/AIDS.
  10. Healthline: This doctor-reviewed information about HIV/AIDS provides you with what you need to know.
  11. The Body: Information about HIV and AIDS, prevention, and the latest research.
  12. MedicineNet.com: Looks at causes, progression and treatment of HIV/AIDS.
  13. Revolution Health: HIV and AIDS resources to help you learn about symptoms, progression and treatment.
  14. HealingWell.com: Offers information on treatment of AIDS, as well as access to some of the latest research.

Blogs About HIV and AIDS

One way to find access to the latest news, research and information on HIV and AIDS is to keep track of bloggers. Many HIV/AIDS blogs provide links and summaries of research related to the epidemic.

  1. AIDS/HIV: This is About.com’s coverage of the latest in HIV and AIDS.
  2. AIDS.gov Blog: The U.S. government has a blog about AIDS policy and research.
  3. HIV and AIDS News: This blog follows the latest happenings in HIV/AIDS.
  4. Regan’s POZ Blog: A look at the latest news and information from the HIV and AIDS culture.
  5. AIDS Action Committee Blog: Learn about HIV/AIDS news and research.
  6. VisualAIDS: Devoted to AIDS awareness, busting myths, and sharing the latest reputable research and news.
  7. HIV Prevention Justice Blog: A look at events and research regarding HIV policy.
  8. The Naked Truth: Young, Beautiful and (HIV) Positive: Information, research and more on HIV/AIDS from Marvelyn Brown, an activist and author who has written about HIV.
  9. Still arriving: The thoughts of a young man with HIV.
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