Top Professional Organizations for Nurse Practitioners

As in any career field, professional networking is important for continued learning and career development for nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses. One way to maintain professional connections and stay involved in the nurse practitioner community is by joining a professional organization. There are many such organizations that cater to NPs and advanced practice nurses in particular specialties, and many of them are based in certain cities or regions so that NPs working the same area can meet and attend professional events and trainings together.

This list is not meant as a ranking or comparison between these organizations, but simply as a list of great associations and organizations that nurse practitioners should get in touch with if they are looking for professional learning and networking opportunities.


  1. American Association of NPs


    The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is a comprehensive resource for nurse practitioners looking to become further involved in their careers with other nurse practitioners. The site has great resources on legislation, practice, and many more items valuable to nurse practitioners.

  2. Nurse Practitioner Association of Ontario


    Nurse Practitioners of Ontario is one of the leading resources for nurse practitioners in Canada and is the best in the province of Ontario. Their links about continuing education and useful news articles are fantastic.

  3. Society of Nurses in Advanced Practice


    The Society of Nurses in Advanced Practice is an organization focused on promoting strong values that compose the nurse practitioners and advance practice nurses around the country. They help communities through outreach and educational initiatives, including dinner programs and workshops.

  4. NP Central


    NP Central has a primary goal of helping nurse practitioners succeed in their given fields. As a non-profit, they also have a particular focus on the development, advancement, and educational support of nurse practitioners.

  5. NP Associates for Continuing Education


    NPACE is an organization with a focused intent of providing clinical excellence to nurse practitioners across the country.

  6. NP Healthcare Foundation


    The Nurse Practitioner Healthcare Foundation provides incredibly adequate resources for those looking to gain larger insight into the inner workings of being a nurse practitioner. Their goals and strategic focus underline their commitment to the best resources for nurse practitioners.

  7. National Association of Pediatric NPs


    The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners is great for resources pertaining to national issues, but it also looks at useful issues locally.

  8. San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners


    Focusing on advanced nursing in the area of pediatrics, this Bay Area chapter works closely with nurses in the community to advocate for children’s health issues, as well as monitor legislation for anything that may affect the work of nurse practitioners. They continue to educate nurses on current pediatric nursing issues.

  9. Great Lakes Chapter of GAPNA


    The Great Lakes Chapter of the Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association offers networking opportunities, career assistance, learning opportunities and a community for nurses working with older adults.

  10. Central Chapter of the Canadian Dermatology Nurses Association


    The Central Chapter of the Canadian Dermatology Nurses Association is a fantastic resource for nurses currently working in dermatology and provides great outlets for gaining more information on how to get certified, upcoming events, research, and more.

  11. San Diego Chapter of NAPNAP


    The San Diego Chapter of NAPNAP offers newsletters, a job board, and the benefits of a connection to a national network of nurses working in pediatric settings all across the U.S.

  12. Greater Memphis Area Advanced Practice Nurses


    The Greater Memphis Area Advanced Practice Nurses provides a wealth of resources for nurse practitioners in southwestern Tennessee and the greater Memphis area.

  13. Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses Council


    The Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses Council is dedicated to promoting a positive outlook of advanced nursing to the public. They also encourage networking and interactions between members and health care businesses.

  14. Metro West North Texas Nurse Practitioners


    The West North Texas Nurse Practitioners site offers a career center portal and upcoming events calendar for nurses and nurse practitioners who want to connect with others working in the area.

  15. Polk County Advanced Practice Nurses Association


    This local Florida NP association encourages networking for nurse practitioners. Here, NPs can find a wealth of useful information including new health bylaws and legislature, career directory, and scholarship information.

  16. Colorado Rocky Mountain Chapter of NAPNAP


    This association of nurse practitioners focuses exclusively on pediatric care. Based in Colorado and focused on helping NPs bring quality health care to children from the city to urban areas, this site helps practitioners find useful information for networking, career building, and overall good practice of medicine.

  17. Northeast Ohio Nurse Practitioners


    The Northeast Ohio Nurse Practitioners association is a great source of information and resources for new and experiences NPs. Members can access peer support, mentoring, upcoming employment opportunities, and news and education regarding health laws.

  18. National Association of Neonatal Nurses


    The National Association of Neonatal Nurses underlines the importance of the work nurse practitioners do concerning neonatal health and how to better the field.

  19. International Council of Nurses Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing Network


    The clean layout of the International Council of Nurses section on nurse practitioners and advanced practice nursing network is great for allowing improved access to resources pertaining to membership, education, health policy, and even conferences and fundraising events.

  20. Minnesota NPs


    Minnesota Nurse Practitioners emphasizes the community of nurse practitioners in Minnesota and provides a wealth of tools for bettering careers, becoming more involved with events, and being up-to-date on the latest legislation pertinent to being a nurse practitioner in Minnesota.

  21. ARNPs United of Washington State


    ARNPs United of Washington State provides great resources for nurse practitioners in the state of Washington, including educational tools, a Rx Authority, helpful links, and very useful consumer information.

  22. Oklahoma NPs


    Oklahoma Nurse Practitioners unifies nurse practitioners across the state and enables them to have a collective organization and identity to better promote relevant causes.

  23. Welcome to Puget Sound NP Association


    The Puget Sound Nurse Practitioner Association works intently with nurse practitioners in northwestern Washington state and provides a commonplace for different job postings, scholarships, news, and more.

  24. NP Association of South Dakota


    The Nurse Practitioner Association of South Dakota showcases the best resources nurse practitioners have in the state and includes a referral directory, avenues for legislative advocacy, as well as scholarships, and events.

  25. Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana


    The Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana is useful to any nurse practitioner in Indiana who seeks to gain more information about different options available concerning practice issues, finding a job, and even government affairs.

  26. Nurse Practitioner Society of the Dermatology Nurses’ Association


    The Dermatology Nurses Association focuses on propagating the best information for nurse practitioners who focus on dermatology. The site is dense with content and is largely successful in fostering a community within the dermatology nurses association.

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  1. Texas NPs


    Texas Nurse Practitioners looks at different options nurse practitioners have in the state and includes dynamic resources on education and advocacy in particular.

  2. British Columbia Nurse Practitioner Association


    The British Columbia Nurse Practitioner Association is the foremost source for nurse practitioner information in the province of British Columbia in Canada. The site’s comprehensive resource library, encounter codes, and NP News & Media jump out as the best features.

  3. NAPNAP Foundation


    The NAPNAP Foundation helps equip nurse practitioners who work in pediatric care to have the resources and knowledge to prosper.

  4. NP Association of New York State


    The Nurse Practitioner Association of New York State looks at the best ways nurse practitioners in the state can best serve others and the different initiatives to become part of.

  5. Carolinas Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners


    Carolinas Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners provides an outlet of useful links and resources for neonatal nurse practitioners in either north or south Carolina. The site provides a way to stay current on all the latest issues, including a great newsletter.

  6. Nurse Practitioners of New York


    Nurse Practitioners of New York is a crucial resource for those living in the largest city in the United States. It looks at meetings and educational opportunities available around the city.

  7. Metrolina Coalition of Nurse Practitioners


    Metrolina Coalition of Nurse Practitioners is an affiliate of the Council of Nurse Practitioners, so they are well connected to a wide variety of resources to help work with local nurse practitioners.

  8. National Organization of NP Faculties


    The National Organization of NP Facilities is the exclusive provider of nurse practitioner education at the national and international levels. They have a wealth of resources to provide satisfactory information for nurse practitioners.

  9. NP Association of the District of Columbia


    The Nurse Practitioner Association of the District of Columbia works to provide extensive educational and career-based guidance.

  10. The NP Association of Maryland


    The Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland is a great resource for those living in Maryland and looking for more comprehensive career resources relevant to where they live.

  11. NPs of Idaho


    Nurse Practitioners of Idaho provides incredibly adequate resources on many different facets of being a nurse practitioner, including leadership, advocacy, employment, and more.

  12. New Mexico NP Counsel


    The New Mexico Nurse Practitioner Council looks at the best available resources for nurse practitioners and assembles them in one place.

  13. California Association for NPs


    The California Association for Nurse Practitioners is one of the most comprehensive sources for nurse practitioners in the state of California and it provides ample links on events, news, information on specific chapters and even educational tools.

  14. Florida Association of Neonatal NPs


    The Florida Association of Neonatal Nurse Practitioners provides fantastic information, scholarships, along with a useful newsletter.

  15. Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association


    The Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association is a very useful site that looks at many different aspects of being a nurse practitioner in the field of gerontology.

  16. Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners


    The Florida Association of Nurse Practitioners is the foremost source regarding any issue relevant to nurse practitioners in the state for Florida. The site’s numerous resources, including alerts, practitioner stories, outreach efforts, among others, are all fantastic for those currently working in the field.

  17. Association of Eastside Nurse Practitioners


    The Association of Eastside Nurse Practitioners was started in 1990 and aims at supporting the less-focused area of eastern King County.

  18. Nurse Practitioner Group of Spokane


    The Nurse Practitioner Group of Spokane actively works to provide services to nurse practitioners in this community in Washington state.

  19. National Association of NPs in Women’s Health


    Nurse Practitioners in Women’s Health is a fantastic organization working to emphasize the impact nurse practitioners who work in women’s health have.

  20. Nurse Practitioners: It’s About Time


    Nurse Practitioners: It’s About Time is a Canadian site that underlines the importance of nurse practitioners and advanced nursing degrees.

  21. NPs of Oregon


    Nurse Practitioner’s of Oregon is a highly recognized organization that underlines the crucial care and assistance nurse practitioners in Oregon provide to their communities.

  22. Pennsylvania Coalition of NPs


    The Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners is a useful site for those working in the state and looking for more resources concerning meetings, conferences, and career help.

  23. Chattanooga Area Nurses in Advanced Practice


    The Chattanooga Area Nurses in Advanced Practice is a great site for nurse practitioners living in southeastern Tennessee.

  24. Iredell Regional Nurse Practitioners


    Iredell Regional Nurse Practitioners is an organization that supports nurse practitioners in the Piedmont of North Carolina and helps facilitate events, information on bylaws, and more.

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  1. North Dakota Nurse Practitioner Association


    The North Dakota Nurse Practitioner Association works to promote excellence in the state of North Dakota nurse practitioners and also work to promote conferences and legislative agendas.

  2. Iowa NP Society


    The Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society is a valuable site for any nurse practitioner residing in Iowa and provides ample resources for improving career prospects and more.

  3. New Hampshire NP Association


    The New Hampshire Nurse Practitioner Association is a surprisingly dense site, with ample resources for working nurse practitioners to expand their horizons, advance their careers, and more.

  4. Maine NP Association


    The Main Nurse Practitioner Association helps facilitate the best career advice, conference information, and upcoming events for nurse practitioners in the state of Maine.

  5. Louisiana Association of NPs


    The Louisiana Association of Nurse Practitioners works to ensure nurse practitioners are properly equipped to handle the responsibilities they take on, including those specific to the state of Louisiana.

  6. Marion County Nurses Association/NP Group


    The Marion County Nurses Association seeks to represent all nurses, regardless of specialization. Within their community, this organization offers education opportunities and nursing scholarships.

  7. Sarasota County Nurse Practitioners


    Sarasota County Nursing Practitioners association is dedicated to promoting quality in practice, education, and research among advanced nurses. This also encourages professional references and networking abilities, and several of the NPs found in this county are listed on this site.

  8. Middle Tennessee Advanced Practice Nurses


    This membership association is for advanced nurses, including nurse practitioners and NP students. This site offers advice for networking, as well as resources for continuing education.

  9. Michigan Council of NPs


    The Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners works hard to create a mindful and positive impression of NPs as part of the health care providing community. They are dedicated to helping nurse practitioners practice medicine to the full extent of their education.

  10. Ohio Association of Advanced Practice Nurses


    OOAPN wants to support current nurse practitioners in their careers, but also advocate for new resources and make sure that legislators are aware of the positive impact that NPs have in the health community. In addition, this Ohio association offers a way for NPs to receive new and vital information regarding health care careers.

  11. Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing


    The Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing offers members many benefits, including job postings, networking events, educational opportunities, and forums for group discussions.

  12. Mississippi Nurses Association NP Special Interest Group


    The Mississippi Nurses Association has accomplished much since being established in 1911 to protect and further the careers of nurses. Since then, they have helped pass legislature protecting the title “nurse” and they also hold the #1 spot for non union state association membership, in terms of nurses who are members.

  13. Valley Advanced Practice Nurse Association


    VAPNA is a professional organization that offers resources to nurse practitioner. Their site contains links to continuing education, job opportunities, and upcoming events and conferences.

  14. Virginia Council of NPs


    The VCNP helps nurse practitioners find each other – as well as job opportunities – and helps patients find nurse practitioners. They also keep members current on news, education, and legislature so they can practice the best medicine possible.

  15. Greater Kansas City Chapter of NAPNAP


    This association serves a resource to healthcare providers and the community, focusing on improving the quality of health care for infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Members are connected with other members as well as news about the health care industry.

  16. Coastal Bend Nurse Practitioners


    Coastal Bend APN seeks to promote the interests of NPs, while also promoting the highest standard of care to be practiced by all members. CBAPN wants their members to feel empowered – through education, networking, group meetings, and other membership benefits – to own their nursing skills and practice skillful and thoughtful medicine.

  17. Pennsylvania-Delaware Valley Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners


    This Pennsylvania/Delaware nurse practitioner organization is focused on pediatrics. They advocate for the health and quality care of children and see nurse practitioners as a large part of that. They offer resources like job links, lecture handouts, and information about their literacy fund.

  18. Ohio NAPNAP


    The Ohio Chapter of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners tries to collect the best resources and information to set up practicing NPs to succeed. News, events, awards, and legislative information are all quickly available for all members.

  19. Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice


    The Coalition for Nurses in Advanced Practice works hard for the advanced nurses in Texas and across the country. They are dedicated to ensuring their full legal rights to medicinal practice, including expanded prescriptive authority, better third party reimbursement, and other clinical privileges, overall allowing for NPs to practice better medicine.

  20. Utah Chapter of NAPNAP


    This Utah branch of the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners offers NPs information about large upcoming conferences, fellowships and grants for further education, and job opportunities. Nurses can also find relevant news and information about the healthcare industry.

  21. North Carolina Nurses Association Council of Nurse Practitioners


    The North Carolina Nurses Association site has everything nurses might need to know about being a nurse in North Carolina. They are dedicated to the best practice of medicine – their NP council allows for an active discussion between members, and also has many conferences and education opportunities to continue promoting high standards and quality care.

  22. Connecticut Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Society


    CTAPRNS is a great resource for NPs in Connecticut. They have nursing scholarships available, as well as a list of scheduled educational events and handouts from past events. Additionally, all the nursing standards and regulations for Connecticut can be found here.

  23. National Academy of Dermatology Nurse Practitioners


    This association caters to nurse practitioners practicing in the area of dermatology. Members have access to peer reviewed journals, liability insurance discounts, educational opportunities, and an event calendar for lectures and conferences.

  24. Minority Advanced Practice Nurses Association


    The mission of the Minority Advanced Practice Nurses Association is to support the development of advanced practice nurses of color. MAPNA provides networking services, as well as the mentoring of novice APN students.

  25. Nebraska Nurse Practitioner


    This Nebraska Nurse Practitioner organization shares statewide health care news and jobs with advanced nursing members. They also share health education modules on their website free of charge.

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