Nurse’s Roles are Evolving.

Nurse's roles are evolving

The role of nurses continues to evolve due to changes in society, technology, and healthcare. Despite the stereotypical view of nurses (working in clinics and hospitals), nurses are doing great things outside of traditional healthcare. Here are just a couple of the awesome nurses that are making a difference in expanded roles:

Public Health Education                        

Gail Ingram BSN, RN is a former model turned nurse and is pursuing advanced practice (she recently graduated from NYU’s Master’s of Science Program in Advanced Practice Nursing). She founded Nightingale Wellness LLC in 2010 which provides private concierge nursing services in Manhattan. In 2014, with over 14 years of healthcare experience, she also founded The Nurse Gail website covers health and wellness issues which people deal with on a daily basis.

It is the only health based website of its kind authored solely by nurses. Nurses have the expertise and knowledge to educate the public on a variety of health issues. This website comes at a time when people are embracing the concept of e-health, but do not typically have the medical knowledge to separate health fact from fiction. The Nurse Gail website strives to provide the public with information that they can count on.

The website also serves to elevate the profession of nursing by altering the public’s opinion of nurse’s roles in our society. Nurse Gail believes that “…cultivating a public voice and participating in the e-health conversation is important for nurses and the future of nursing.  Nurses are the largest profession in the healthcare industry (and arguably the most vital) but are rarely heard from.  I believe this must change.”

Nurse Education

As nurses increasingly struggle to keep up with the massive changes that are happening in healthcare, they are suffering from “nurse burnout” or leaving the profession altogether. With the shortage of experienced nurses and the high patient ratios that are the norm in healthcare, this problem is projected to increase.

Nurses are at the front-lines of healthcare. The world relies on a nurse’s role in patient health care. Our society needs nurses to be happy, healthy, and ready to serve.

One person battling the “nurse burnout” problem is Elizabeth Scala MSN/MBA, RN who is a nurse entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and author. She is dedicated to teaching other nurses how to practice “Nursing From Within”. She is helping nurses to stay passionate about nursing and their careers by hosting in-person and online nurse events for individuals and healthcare facilities. Her upcoming virtual event during Nurse’s Week 2015 is The Art of Nursing 2.0- Navigating the Shifts in Healthcare.

The Art of Nursing 2.0- Navigating the Shifts in Healthcare will focus on how to navigate the shifting healthcare environment and still enjoy your nursing career. Elizabeth believes that by being inspired you can connect with the nurse you were meant to be. This year’s event has twelve speakers including distinguished nurse Dr. Jean Watson. To keep up with all the pre-event info and fun, follow the #artofnursing on Twitter.

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Erica MacDonald

Erica RN, BSN, MSN's nursing clinical experience has been in neonatal intensive care (NICU) and Labor & Delivery. She currently works as a nurse educator and nurse writer. In her writing business, she saves educators and businesses time while supporting their mission.

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