Top 50 Blogs on Women’s Health

From the first signs of puberty all the way to the senior years, women’s health is a topic that half of the population deals with on a regular, and often uncomfortable, basis. As nerve racking as the stirrups women often face can be the questions that arise from many common and uncommon ailments a woman can be asked to face in her lifetime. And if your mother can’t answer them, there are few places to turn for information discretely, and even the decision between seeing a nurse practitioner or physician assistant is difficult.

To help get a better view of these problems, we have gathered the top 50 blogs on women’s health. They are authored by women just like you, researchers, doctors, nurses, and contain resources on many topics not covered in biology class or “the talk.”

Top Blogs on Women’s Health by a Woman

Get health news for women, by women in these blogs.

  1. Women’s Health
    Tracee Cornforth is a freelance writer who has written about women’s health issues since 1997. Much of her knowledge is based on personal experiences with issues such as obesity, pregnancy complications, PMS, hypertension, hysterectomy, and adoption as she is both an adoptee and a reunited birth mother. Vital health topics covered include menstruation, gynecologist visits, and urinary tract infections.
  2. Chicago Women’s Health Examiner
    Internationally recognized for excellence in healthcare communications, Sandy Dechert has covered topics from baby vitamins to Alzheimer’s disease. She’s worked in media, business, government, and academics. Her blog covers everything from healthcare debates to new procedures.
  3. Washington DC Women’s Health Examiner
    Heidi Cox is an avid half-marathon runner and mom of two. She holds two Master’s Degrees in Counseling Psychology and Education. Headlines in women’s health are often discussed and analyzed.
  4. My Menopause
    Learn more about this condition from someone who blogs frankly about it. Sue Richards is a regular Canadian gal who discusses how to “punctuate life without a period.” She also discusses related subjects.
  5. Embrace Your Heart
    Eliz Greene was seven-months pregnant with twins when she suffered a massive heart attack. Surviving to deliver her girls, she vowed to change her life and shares how on the blog. There are tips for eating better, exercising, stress, and even how to work well.
  6. Looking Good (for a mom)
    Liz hasn’t always looked this good and actually went from a size six to 10 in less than a year. The blog chronicles how through fitness, she was able to get a look she was proud of. She now shares tips and her daily life on the blog.
  7. Sistas of Strength
    Amanda Perry is a nutrition and fitness fanatic and new mom to a beautiful baby boy. Her blog provides nutrition and fitness advice, including recommended workouts and recipes. She recently blogged on her first Father’s Day.
  8. Fitness: A Journey not a Destination
    Karen is a former Licensed Massage Therapist, wife, and mother of two. Her goal is to journey towards the healthiest life possible through exercise and nutrition. See how it is going and get valuable tips with a read.
  9. Getting Healthy
    Whitney has always struggled with her weight and it took a blog to get her serious about it. She shares her past and present weights, along with her goals and how she plans to get there. With a recent mission trip planned, she is thinking healthy thoughts.
  10. Weight Loss Journey
    Her highest weight was 233, but Jennifer didn’t let that stop her. She uses her blog as a diary of why losing weight and being healthy is the same thing. A recent post was a call for ideas on her journey.

Top Blogs on Women’s Health by a Group

These groups of bloggers gather to write all about women’s health.

  1. Our Bodies Our Blog
    Get a daily dose of women’s health news and analysis here. Loads of women stop by to write about their own health stories on items such as breast cancer and online finds. There is even the option to send in your own story.
  2. Lifescript
    Get healthy living for women on this popular blog. A navigator features info on conditions, treatments, quizzes, calendars, and even how to find a doctor in your area. Current popular entries include tumors from cellphones and olive oil for lower stroke risk.
  3. MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health
    Massachusetts General Hospital authors this blog which offers resources and information on reproductive psychiatry. Topics range from anticonvulsants to supplements. You can also visit the main site with more.
  4. Women’s Health Zone
    Where can you get cervical cancer myths and safety tips for eye makeup in one place? The Women’s Health Zone often delves into many topics of women’s health on a regular basis. Check out the most recent post or view by subject.
  5. Women’s Health Line
    From contraception to fertility and cosmetic surgery to domestic violence, Women Health Line encompasses all the issues that women face in any and every part of the world. There are many sections to choose from, or visitors can simply read the latest entries.
  6. First, Do No Harm
    Get real stories of fat prejudice in healthcare on this blog. Visitors come from around the world to post their stories, and many of them are women. Recent posts are on watching kid’s weight and race and gender.
  7. EmpowHer
    Visit here for a site that improves health and changes lives. Popular conditions on the blog include anxiety, cancer, pregnancy, and more. They also have a feed with recent activity on the site.
  8. Smart Health Shop
    They sell loads of health products including for workouts, weight loss, and women’s health. Check out the blog to get the latest news. There are also others for other health areas.
  9. Shawnee Mission Medical Center
    This organization contains over 700 doctors that specialize in health and wellness. They have several blogs including this one for women’s health and wellness. You can also check out options in family medicine, heart and vascular health, and more.
  10. My OB Said What?!?
    Get real stories of doctor’s visits gone wrong on this blog. Often humorous and horrendous, readers of the blog vote up or down on each comment. One of the most popular posts was “Childbirth is one of the Most Dangerous Things a Woman can do Today.”

Top News Blogs on Women’s Health

Get the latest headlines in women’s health on the below.

  1. Women’s Health News
    Rachel Walden is a medical librarian who works in an academic medical center library. Her blog contains women’s health news, politics, information, and resources. She also has a Twitter feed and often answers reader’s questions in the blog.
  2. Women’s Health Specialist News
    This practice provides expertise in all aspects of gynecology, including menopause, fibroids, and treatment of heavy menstruation. Located in San Francisco, the blog is authored by specialists who take an interest in women’s health news. In addition to reading the most recent posts, you can also browse the online library.
  3. Medicine.Net
    This site prides itself on bringing the knowledge of doctors to its readers. With a special section for women’s health, you can read about everything from birth control to yeast infections. There is also a forum with much more.
  4. Science Daily
    Get the latest in scientific breakthroughs and research in women’s health on this site. They bring several stories a day which can be narrowed by diseases and conditions. There are also videos and much more.
  5. Medical News Today
    Just like the title promises, they bring medical news on a daily basis, with a special focus here on women’s health. There is also an A to Z of women’s health information and even a monthly feature with more. You can also check out the videos and forum.
  6. Medscape News
    Visit here for a combination of women’s health and Ob/Gyn news. Sections include HPV, infertility, menopause, obesity, osteoporosis, and more. You can even get links to medical journal articles of interest.
  7. Women’s Health Community
    Web MD is often a stop in any health issues. In this community, they bring all the information on women’s health on their site to one place. Check out what’s happening now, popular discussion, and helpful tips. There is also a newsfeed on the subject.
  8. Women’s Health
    The popular magazine of the same name also has loads of resources online. A few include interactive tools, quizzes, and even slideshows. You can also view topics on fitness, food, sex, weight loss, and more.
  9. Women’s Health News
    Get women’s health news from the UK on this blog. It is authored by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Latest research, studies, and related topics often take center stage. There is also another section just for women’s health.
  10. Womenstake
    Get the blog of the National Women’s Law Center here. It focuses on the latest news in women’s issues, which often involve health. Rulings, laws, and more are all featured.

Top Blogs on Women’s Health by an Expert

These medical professionals have more to say on women’s health, and a few can even tell you more on a career as a nurse practitioner.

  1. Below the Belt: Women’s Health
    Jane Harrison-Hohner is a nurse practitioner and has been a practicing women’s health care specialist for 15 years. In this expert blog for Web MD, she shares her wealth of experience on women’s health. A few of the topics include Pap smear, antibiotics, and postcoital bleeding.
  2. Academic Ob/Gyn
    This blogger focuses on items for physicians in this area, but anyone can have a read of the blog. Recent posts are on the surgical consult process and robotic hysterectomies. You can also check out the podcast with more.
  3. Fusion Obgyn
    Dr. Lisa Gardner pursues the continuing education to stay at the forefront of medicine and technology. The blog shares her latest news and information for women’s health in all ages. She recently blogged on how to love a post baby body.
  4. Healthy Aging for Women
    Barbara Phillips is a Family & Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. She shares expert information, tips, and techniques to keep you healthy. A recent entry was on first aid for mental health.
  5. Dr. Petra Boynton
    She is a lecturer in International Health Services Research at a London university where she teaches doctors, nurses, and other health professionals at the postgraduate level. Her research has covered topics within the area of sexual health, including the effects of pornography, women involved in street prostitution, and more. A recent post was on sex research.
  6. Nurse Bridgid
    She is an Advanced Practice RN who is asked all sorts of inspiring questions about health, healthy living, medicine, and life in general. Her blog shares opinions based on medical education and reading. She even encourages readers to send in their questions.
  7. The Breast Cancer Reconstruction Blog
    Get the latest news and views on breast cancer reconstruction from a breast reconstruction specialist here. Dr. C. is a board certified plastic surgeon specializing in breast cancer reconstruction and scar healing. One of his latest entries was on how to improve the way your scars heal.
  8. Skin Care Blog
    Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey functions as your “close sister and skin care geek.” She has practiced dermatology in California for over 24 years and has the answers to many embarrassing questions. Popular entries include top moisturizers, dimethicone, and The Alkaline Mediterranean Diet.
  9. Phuli Cohan, M.D.
    Dr. Phuli Cohan is an innovative physician who merges traditional Western medicine with Chinese medicine to provide a truly holistic approach to women’s health. Her travels and studies, particularly her knowledge of Chinese medicine, bring a fresh and effective approach to the hormonal problems women commonly face. A few of the latest entries were on anti-depressants and how to ask your doctor for bioidentical hormones.
  10. The Candid RD
    Gina is a supermarket dietitian working hard to dispel nutrition myths and to teach people how to live healthy lives without deprivation. She strives to bring simple nutrition to your plate. In a recent entry, she addressed if it was possible to put a salad in a pill.

Other Top Blogs on Women’s Health

These women’s health blogs fall into a category of their own.

  1. National Women’s Health Examiner
    Sharon is a certified aromatherapist, qualified reflexologist, and owner of Sedona Aromatherapie living in Arizona. She is particularly interested in women’s health matters and often discusses alternative health practices. A few examples include jaw surgery and veganism.
  2. The Hysterectomy Association
    This association was created to provide impartial, timely, and appropriate information to women who face a hysterectomy. Use the blog to get the latest news associated with the procedure. You can also learn more about it, the conditions it treats, and alternatives.
  3. Immortal Palace
    Josie Bouchier is the owner / acupuncturist at Immortal Palace where she specializes in women’s health. She is passionate about overcoming PMS symptoms, getting of the pill, depression, and many other issues in women’s health. Blog entries include everything from weight loss secrets to what you are doing to make cramps worse.
  4. Holistic Health Talk Radio
    Get both an audio blog and alternative health topics for women here. Irina Wardas is a founder of – Holistic Health and Wellness Services for women and shares knowledge, expertise, and the occasional opinion here. Choose from the most recent episode or listen by every subject from anti-aging to wellness.
  5. The MuTu System
    Wendy created this program for women who want to lose baby weight. Check out the blog to learn more, read the latest, and even get free downloads.
  6. Sexual Health Blog
    Get a women’s guide to sex in this blog. Topics include anatomy, STD’s, and many others. There is even a special section for men.
  7. Self Defense for Women
    Learn how to literally fight back in this blog. Kadri has been practicing karate since childhood and has participated in many competitions including European and World Championships. A recent entry was on verbal self-defense.
  8. Seattle Women’s Health Examiner
    Kellie Fielding has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is focused on healthy living. Her blog is an excellent choice for mental women’s health. There are also entries on physical health.
  9. Life With Breast Cancer
    Kathy-Ellen Kups was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 and has been cancer-free since 2004. She is now a corporate speaker and trainer living in Michigan with her husband and two teenage sons. Thoughts on the disease, surviving it, and more are shared on the blog.
  10. Diary of a Cancer Patient
    At age 25, Em was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in February 2006. The blog charts the ups and downs of the treatment that followed this recurrence and life afterwards. A recent entry was on a very big scare.

Be sure and consult a physician before you follow any of the advice read on the above top 50 blogs on women’s health.

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