Top 50 Health and Medical Blogs by Graduate Students

In order to be a nurse practitioner, you need some sort of advanced degree. Normally, this is a masters in nursing — or even a Ph.D. in nursing. Some nurse practitioners might decide to go on and complete a M.D. degree. Indeed, in the world of health care careers, there is a great deal of leeway available, and many options. As long as you take care to do what you should to meet your requirements, there is no reason why you can’t get an advanced degree in a health or medical field. Here are 50 blogs by medical and health graduate students:

U.S. Students

Learn about life as a medical student from a U.S. perspective.

  1. Restless Med Student: This UCLA med student shares his adventures and insights.
  2. Plotzk: Are you looking for a look at med school life in New York City? This is your blog.
  3. Dose of Reality: Med students at the University of Michigan combine to give you a picture of what it is really like to be a med student.
  4. prep4md: This inspiring blog focuses on medical education.
  5. Not My Second Opinion: A fun and feisty look at med school and medicine.
  6. Cold Girl Fever: This med student shares episodes from her life — which she thinks could turn into something resembling Grey’s Anatomy.
  7. Chic Clinic: Learn more about style — and medicine — when you read this med student’s blog.
  8. The long road to medical school: Read about back to school experiences trying to get a M.D.-Ph.D.
  9. The Journey to an MD…and Beyond: Follow Ella as she strives for her MD.
  10. Life as a Medical Student: Get some perspective on what it’s like to be a med student.
  11. 6YearMed: Follow the adventures of a student of pediatrics.
  12. The Medical RNinja: This Registered Nurse is now in medical school, studying to be a doctor.
  13. Doctor Moxie: Doing one’s best to keep things going as a resident.
  14. Med Obsession: Working through life as a medical student.
  15. This med student shares stories of life and medical school.
  16. Eats Well with Others: Med student Joanne shares stories — and great recipes.
  17. Medical Student Musings: A look at med school in the U.S.
  18. Scrub Notes: A Medical Student Blog: Offers helpful hints on succeeding in medical school.
  19. This medical student at Baylor shares insights into the process of going through medical school.
  20. This med student is also a fantasy author. An interesting blog about his studies and life.
  21. Jeffrey is NOT a doctor, but he hopes to be at some point, once his journey through med school is complete.
  22. Naive Med Student: Follow the exploits of this medical student who “drank the kool-aid of the American Medical Student Association.”
  23. Neurotopia: One of the contributors to this blog is a M.D./Ph.D. student.
  24. The Second Opinion: A great place to go to read experiences from med students at Emory University.
  25. The Differential: Medscape offers a place where you can read posts written by medical students.
  26. ChevalierMalFet’s Med School Blog: An overview of medical school and life.
  27. Science Life: A look at different ideas, news and more in biomedicine from the University of Chicago students.

Medical Students Outside the U.S.

You might be surprised at the differences — and the similarities — experienced by medical students from countries other than the U.S.

  1. Defying Gravity: This medical student is studying in Scotland, and shares information about what it’s like to try to become doctor.
  2. Vagus Surgicalis: This med student offers a look at meanderings through medicine in Australia. Includes great reviews on the TV show House.
  3. Angry Medic: This student is ranting his way through med school in the U.K.
  4. Another Student Doctor: Read the thoughts of a medical student in Britain.
  5. k0k bl0k: This Malaysian medical student shares insights on life and medicine.
  6. Med Hatter: A great bilingual blog from a Brazilian med student.
  7. Blogs of Medical Students: A med student in Poland offers a webring of med student blog posts.
  8. Berry Patch: This student in Tel Aviv has great stories. But it’s only open to invited readers.
  9. Diary of a Caribbean Med Student: This med student in the Caribbean has great stores of medicine and life.
  10. The Medical Student Helper: International blog offers contests and more, and great information and tips from other students.

Other Health Fields

You don’t have to be a med student to be involved with health and medicine. Here are some great blogs from other health grad students.

  1. Pavlov’s Couch: This psychology student blog takes a look at this health field.
  2. The Psych Student: This psychology grad student shares all sorts of interesting insights.
  3. School Psychology Blog: Helpful information on studying psychology by students and teachers.
  4. Research Digest Blog: Grad students and professors in psychology share insights and information.
  5. Johns Hopkins Nursing Blogs: Graduate students in nursing share thoughts about their program.
  6. Nutrition Outlook: This nutrition professional offers insight into healthy eating and more, including guest posts and insights from grad students.

Grad Student Advice

Even though some of these blogs may not focus on health or medicine, they are great resources, written by grad students and those who have completed their graduate training, that can help you learn a little more about success — no matter your field.

  1. PhD Blog: This blog isn’t just for those in the health and medical field, since it is written by an education student, but it has a great deal of good information about being a Ph.D. student.
  2. The Glamourous Grad Student: This science Ph.D. student is interested in pretty things, and offers great insights into graduate school.
  3. Jeremy Y Wang: This grad student is studying science education, and has interesting insights into life and graduate school.
  4. Graduate School: This is a helpful blog is written by a Ph.D. who offers practical advice for getting into grad school, and what to do while you are there.
  5. Survival Blog for Scientists: Many medical students are involved in science as well. This is a great blog for this.
  6. Graduate Student Grant/Fellowship Blog: Helpful information on grants and scholarships.
  7. Medfools: A helpful blog designed to help you get into med school.
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